Martial Arts and Fighting Styles

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Martial Arts and Fighting Styles

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Martial Arts and Fighting Styles

One of the main things in Dragon Ball is the martial arts and its respective schools. The purpose of training a certain fighting style of a martial arts school is to push one’s physical condition so that they become stronger. Therefore, a trained martial artist is far more deadly than an average street brawler, since they can harvest the fullest potential of their bodies to increase the efficacy of their attacks, dodges and blocks.

Melee damage...

... with that in mind, normal melee damage, mechanically wise, will deal a fixed amount of damage. Therefore, of course, it will hurt considering the 80/65/50 rule and need to be flavored as such, while the melee attacks of a trained martial artist will deal damage depending on how well trained they are. Martial arts can also be used to block attacks, since when you are well trained, you also learn how to dodge and block more effectively. Keep in mind that the damage is not dealt by blow, but by round, meaning that the character can either deal a strong single heavy hit, or a combo of weaker strikes.

The fixed amount of melee damage for non-trained characters is 5% of their PL. This way, we will be having three tiers of expertise in a Martial Art/Fighting Style:

[BG] – Beginner = 10% PL applied for both offensive and defensive moves

[IN] – Intermediate = 15% PL applied for both offensive and defensive moves

[AD] – Advanced = 20% PL applied for both offensive and defensive moves

These moves function like your regular attacks, dodges and blocks whenever you reach a degree of mastery over your fighting style. For example: Goku has 5,000 PL and attacks with his 20% turtle style attack, against Piccolo’s 6,000 PL 10% demon style dodge: Goku’s attack = 1,000 PL, Piccolo’s dodge = 600 PL. Piccolo dodged most of the attack, but still took 400 PL worth of damage. This leads you directly to the blocking and dodging issue…

Blocking and Dodging...

... normally, you can’t just dodge any attack. It has to make sense. First and foremost, we believe in your ability to remain fair and square, so that everyone can enjoy it. However, since sometimes there will be disagreement, we have a few rules to be kept in mind.

First! Keep in mind the general rules of Combat posted on the rules section. Second! You can dodge and block pretty much any normal attack as long as it remains under 50% of your total PL. For example: Goku has 100,000 PL and Piccolo has 40,000 PL. Piccolo fires his Hellzone Grenade MP3 for 40,000 PL damage. Due to being under 50% of Goku’s power level, Goku can block/dodge the attack entirely without having to resort to techniques.

Blocking techniques are categorized as offensive techniques, such as Explosion Wave [B1], Super Explosion Wave [A2] and Final Explosion Wave [M3], having the same percentage of blockage as well as being chargeable, and are fully capable of dealing damage to those within the technique's range.

Barrier techniques are categorized as support techniques and are purely focused on protection, being completely unable to cause damage, such as Energy Barrier [S1], Full-Powered Barrier [S2] and Maximum Barrier [S3]. Their percentage is 40%, 60% and 110% respectively and are chargeable, being able to protect up to 2 people at SU1, 4 people at SU2 and up to 6 people at SU3.

Dodging techniques are categorized as support techniques, such as Rapid Movement [S1], Afterimage [S2] and Wilde Sense [S3], and they are able to dodge up to 100%, 175% and 250% of the user’s total power level, at the cost of normal stamina for their level, but they can only dodge up to 1 level above them, meaning that an S1, even if meeting the requirements, cannot dodge a M3.

Other than that, keep the 90%, 70% and 50% rules in mind, and all will be well.

Martial Arts School...

... Finally, everyone is encouraged to look for a martial arts school to learn the ways of fighting, therefore you can develop plot with your master and fellow students and also develop your own character traits and skills. Everyone can learn at a martial arts school, as long as they fill in the requirements set by the master, pay the fees and have the right motivation.

Here on Dragon Ball Universe we will have both the canon schools, as well as other fixes schools that makes sense plot wise, but we will also allow our players to create their own styles and become a master in due time. This won’t stop them from learning at a regular school.

Every character can be a part of 2 schools, meaning that he can either be a student of 2 schools, as well as a master of 2 schools, and, finally, the most common one: be a student of one school and a master of another. This way we can keep everything fair, and give everyone a chance to enjoy both sides of the table, or focus on the side they like the best.

Learning from a master is far easier than creating a style yourself. This way, to advance in a school you decide to learn from you will need to fill the following requirements:

[BG] = Any PL. Be accepted by the master.

[IN] = 10,000 PL.

[AD] = 50,000 PL.

For someone creating their own fighting style:

[BG] = 10,000 PL.

[IN] = 50,000 PL.

[AD] = 100,000 PL.

To advance in a fighting style you will need to finish a thread with you master alone, or along with other fellow students. Together with that you will also earn a corresponding tier melee technique with the conquering of every tier of the fighting style. For those creating a style, they will need to post a solo thread creating the style with a minimum of 500 words, as well as have the fighting style and the technique approved beforehand.

This way, when you fully master you fighting style, you will also acquire 3 melee techniques, being B1, A2 and M3.

Master's Fees...

… A Master can charge his students for teaching them. The nature of the fee can vary and be flavor anyway the master wants (buying a dogi, paying for rent due to staying on the master house, pure fee for learning the techs…), and can be easily negotiated icly between master and student. However, the fees cannot be higher than:

[BG] = 500z.

[IN] = 1,000z.

[AD] = 2,000z.

Once paid, it’s understood that the Master had previously accepted the character as a student and, therefore, he cannot refuse to teach him without a proper reason and subsequent refunding of the money paid, otherwise he will face judgment from the staff.


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