Martial Arts Schools

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Martial Arts Schools

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Becoming a Master

Masters are a crucial part of world of martial arts and hold a huge responsibility, as they are not only teachers of fighting techniques, but also a moral compass to his students ( be it for good or bad).

In order to become a master, a player must first harness his/her skills to a high degree, or 50,000 PL for inheriting an already established school. 100,000 PL will grant a player the ability to create a new one. On top of that, the character will need to buy both a Training Dojo and a Martial Arts School.

Inheriting a school: if there was a previous master alive, the player needs to have the master pass the torch to him, recognizing him as his true successor or, in case of the death of a master, one student would need to claim the title.

For schools with no master or brand new ones: The character will need to, after buying the items needed, post a solo thread with at least 1,000 words claiming a title or mastering his style. After that he/she will fill the role of master with both advantages and responsibilities. However, if the character is undertaking a already stabilished school, he can learn the school teachings all the way until the second level, as long as he has a training dojo.

Masters can select their students using their own criteria and are allowed to charge them fees for teaching the techniques and fighting style within the established limitations, and are able to flavor those fees as anything. The amount paid goes to the master, so he is free to choose not to charge a student at his own responsibility.

School Techniques

Each and every school will have 3 techniques to be taught, and those techniques don't count towards the characters technique limitations. Any specials learned from a school however, do count towards that limitation. Please see the technique rules here for further details.

Those techniques will be:
One regular offensive technique
One support technique
One special

**All of those techniques will have to be approved by the staff beforehand and assigned to your school.**


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Re: Martial Arts Schools

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Estabilished Schools


Turtle School
kanji here

The Turtle School was originally founde millenia ago by Mutenroshi, the original Turtle Hermit. Years later it was inherited by Krillin who spread the teachings and made the school become one of the most popular schools on Earth.
Dogi: Turtle Gi is usually orange with a blue undershirt and wristbands. The belt can be black or blue and there's an option of both black shoes or blue boots.
Fighting Style Techniques:

[BG] Rock, Scissors 'N' Paper [B1]: The user shouts "Jan Ken", then a name corresponding to the attack: "Gu", equals rock and will be a strong punch. "Chyoki", equals scissors and will be a poke in the eyes. "Pa", equals paper and will be an open palm strike. The user can also change the names to confuse the opponent.

[IN] Super God Fist [A2]: It's a rush technique where the user charges up ki in his hand, then launches forth with a punch to the opponent's face, dealing a large amount of damage.

[AD] Meteor Crash [M3]: Another rush technique where the user charges at the opponent and side kicks them up into the air. Then, he flies up and roundhouse punches the opponent away before flying and reappearing behind them to elbow them in the stomach as they turn around. Finally, the user attacks the opponent with a punching and kicking barrage and kicks them up into the air before kneeing them in their back and Double Axe Handle punching them down to the ground, inflicting a high amount of damage.


Kamehameha [B1]: By drawing his latent ki into the palms of his hands, the user is able to expel an explosive beam of blue-colored ki energy.

Thunder Shock Surprise [S1]: The user shoots a lightning blast towards the target using both hands, and traps the opponent within an electric field. It inflicts incapacitating amounts of pain. The user needs to keep on focusing on the technique, otherwise it will be dispelled. To escape the user need to surpass the applied power level of the technique.

Destructo Disk [SP]: The Destructo Disc is a razor-sharp disc of Ki that can slice through almost any substance. It's a very dangerous technique, since it is chargeabe and cannot be blocked. The cutting properties of the Destructo Disk are twice it's normal power level.

Crane School
kanji here

The Turtle School was originally founde millenia ago by Master Shen and Mercenary Tao, it's reputation wasn't very good until Tien and Chiaotzu inherited it, changing it into a respected martial arts school.
Dogi: The basic crane dogi consists of a tanktop white shirt with green pants, wristbands and red belt, as well as black shoes.
Fighting Style Techniques:

[BG] Super Knee Uppercut [B1]: The user lies high into the air, and as he descends back down to the ground at a high speed, causing an extreme amount of pain to the area it hits.

[IN] Machine Gun Punch [A2]: The user swings his arms so fast they appear to be windmills on his shoulder and pummels his opponent uncountable times.

[AD] Volleyball Attack [M3]: The user uses his opponent as a ball and makes them fly with two hits before giving a final blow to stamp them into the ground with absurd force.


Dondon Ray [B1]: It's a yellow-colored, concentrated, superheated beam shot from the finger, that explodes upon impact.

Solar Flare [S1]: The user of this technique puts his hands over the face and generates a powerful flash of light that temporarily blinds anyone whose eyes come in contact with it.

Tri-Beam [SP]: The user unites his hands at the tips of the fingers and aims at his target between his fingers and his thumbs. Then he shoots a powerful energy blast to hit it. This is a very dangerous attack, because it uses up most of user's health so this one has to control how much energy he is putting into the blast in order to not over use it. Mechanically wise, the Tri-Beam charges at an impressive 140% rate, and can be charged up to four times in a fight, reaching uncanny 560%, but the forth charge or attack will always kill the user.

Kikoukenjutsu Sword School
kanji here

After the release of Gohan's book, "Groundbreaking Science", which informed the general public of advanced martial arts, the people of Earth took great interest in fighting. Some specifically gained interest in the theory of channeling ki energy through swords to increase the speed and power of strikes because of the book's article "Katchin Can Be Cut!". This article reveals that the dense material Katchin can be cut, which greatly intrigue Trunks and Goten. "Swordmanship is cool, isn't it. Let's set up an awesome school all by ourselves!", the two become enthralled by this motivation. Via intense training, the two are able to develop their natural potential and, as adults, create the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School to educate the planet's new generation of warriors.
Dogi: None. The Kikoukenjutsu Sword School leaves to its students how they will dress. The only requirement is to carry any type of sword.
Fighting Style Techniques:

[BG] Sword Slash [B1]: The user performs a series of swift sword strikes within close range of their enemy.

[IN] Rapid Sword Stream [A2]: The user slashes the opponent multiple times in rapid motions. Last, he slashes the opponent with a large amount of force, inflicting a great amount of damage.

[AD] Flash Slash [M3]: The user dashes by the target so swiftly that the user is next seen on the opposing side of the enemy, having delivered a sword strike in passing.


Shining Sword Attack [B1]: The user flies up and comes down to vertically slash the opponent with his sword. Next, he slashes the opponent multiple times, aiming to cut him into bits. Finally, the user draws his hand back and brings it forward to fire a yellow energy wave at what's left of the opponent, inflicting a high amount of damage.

Gravity Break [S1]: Focusing his ki energy around the opponent, the user can make them feel a huge gravitational pressure for a second, rendering them unable to move for a short span of time.

Spirit Sword [SP]: The user charges condensed energy in his right hand and forms into a sword-like blast that can be controlled to become longer or shorter. Because this sword is created by a single usage of energy and can continue to be used while it still have charge. It is a very devastating attacks. Mechanically wise, the user charges it regularly as an MP3, but once released, the technique can be used to deliver any type percentage of its charge within each blow. Stamina recovers normally after the usage, but no other technique may be used until the Spirit Sword is dispelled.

Saiyan Empire

Vegetean Fighting Academy
kanji here

Since the dawn of the Saiyan Empire, the elite members of the warrior race were trained to become fearless killing machines. To be selected to receive training from the Vegetean Fighting Academy was a huge honor and proof of the latent potential the saiyan child had. The techniques focused on teaching them the ways to harvest the fullest potential of their heritage.
Dogi: Saiyan traditional Battle Suit (More like Raditz and Nappa's style).
Fighting Style Techniques:

[BG] Ribs Breaker [B1]: The user performs a hand chop to one of the sides of the opponent's ribs, aiming to break it.

[IN] Final Blow [A2]: The user launches himself forward, and in an instant, delivers a hard punch to the opponent's stomach. Should it hit, it will probably wind the opponent.

[AD] Spirit Breaking Cannon [M3]: The user punches the opponent, then kicks him upwards. Then, quickly rushes upward from below, kicking the opponent brutally in the stomach. Finally, he elbows the opponent downwards, inflicting massive damage.


Big Bang Attack [B1]: The user extends his arm, opens his palm and turns his hand up at a 90 degree angle. He then powers up and fires a powerful energy sphere at the opponent. This attack creates an enormous explosion upon contact and leaves a huge mushroom cloud.

Saiyan Pride [S1]: Using their enormous pride, the saiyan can choose to ignore the pain from his wounds and keep on fighting. This technique doesn't recover injuries, but just allow the handicap from it to be temporarily removed.

Power Ball [SP]: By combining ki with the planet's atmosphere, a sphere of condensed Blutz Waves is created. Using this, a Saiyan can achieve the Great Ape transformation even when a full moon (or similar planetary body) is not present. However, using the technique is very tiring, so even Saiyans that can use it prefer to transform using a planetary body. The Power Ball lasts for 90 minutes, or until it is destroyed (can be freely destroyed by the user. Others will need to fire an attack twice as powerful as the PL used for the ball, in order dto destroy it).

Saiyan Alliance

Soy School
kanji here

After revolting against the Saiyan Empire, over thirty years ago, Commanders Natto and Tomoroko developed a fighting school, focused on harvesting the maximum potential of the saiyans' squads. Although the style resembled a variation of the Vegetean Fighting Style, it is much more aggressive and appears to be less polished, but it's extremely useful.
Dogi: Saiyan Battle Suit, with colored jumpsuit underneath (More like Vegeta and Bardock's style).
Fighting Style Techniques:

[BG] Flash Spirit [B1]: A rush attack. First, the user charges and elbows the opponent in the face, he then kicks the opponent away.

[IN] Rebellion Spear [A2]: The user charges a light-blue aura around his body as he strikes a crouching pose. Then, he charges toward the opponent using the blue aura as a shield, inflicting a great amount of damage.

[AD] Final Revenger [M3]: First, the urser grabs his clenched fist as he charges at the opponent and punches them in their face before reverse side kicking them up into the air. Then, he flies after the opponent and punches them up into the air again. Next, he grabs the opponent by their head and leaps over behind to knee them up further into the air. Finally, the user flies up above the opponent and Double Axe Handle punches them down to the ground, inflicting a high amount of damage.


Spirit Cannon [B1]: The user puts his hand forward and charges a blue energy sphere. Then he draws his arm back, and then he brings his hand forward and fires the attack at the opponent, inflicting a great deal of damage.

Strong Will [S1]: With the strong training, the user can avoid suffering mind controls for any attack that is below 150% of the user's power level.

Spirit of the Saiyans [SP]: By remembering the bonds of friendship, the user's ki overflows with the presence of his comrades, that flares a teal colored ki aura around the user's body. For every saiyan or half-saiyan comrade in battle, the user gains an additional non-chargeable 25% bonus to his technique power, limited to a maximum 100% power boost per thread, to be used on his next attack. This way, the attack can reach a maximum of a 500% power, if fully charged. The attack will be always teal-colored when using Spirit of the Saiyans, and an image of a Great Ape will be seen behind the user.


Namekian Dragon Clan
kanji here

The Dragon Clan consist of a caste of Namekians that are the basic members of the race and specialize in mystic abilities, such as creating mystical spheres known as the Dragon Balls, which can be used to summon a wish-granting dragon. Their style is focused on support and healing techniques. Also, due to their nature, they focus on skills rather than proper battle techniques.
Dogi: Usually a white robe with a namekian-style colored scarf.
Fighting Style Skills:

[BG] Telepathy [S1]: As long as the target is within the reach of his ki sensing ability, the namekian has the ability to channel his thoughts to another being. This ability can be blocked with another technique or a higher power level alone.

[IN] Telekinesis [S1]: As long as the target is within sight, the namekian can use his mind to move it. This ability can be blocked with another technique or a higher power level alone.

[AD] Magic Materialization [S3]: Namekians of the Dragon Clan have the ability to create objects from nothing, and they use it to create everything from houses and furniture, and those who reach genius-class can also use it to create Dragon Balls.


Eye Laser [B1]: Eye Laser are precise laser-like beams shot from both eyes. The potency of the Eye Laser technique varies, but most of them are very fast and able to nullify weak attacks and small projectiles, as well as cripple opponents and damage other objects. The Eye Lasers can vary in color from red to a bright blue-tinged white.

Healing Wave [S1]: Once per thread, the dragon clan namekian can place his hands above the target and heal his wounds.

Ultimate Barrier [SP]: Focusing on protecting others, the dragon clan namekian can summon a very powerful green colored barrier, using their own vital energy. The barrier charges at impressive 150%, being able to reach uncanny 600%. However, this is very exhausting and if the namekian uses four charges, he will certainly die.

Namekian Warrior Clan
kanji here

The true warriors among the namekians. They are a minority of the namekian race, as only 14% of the namekians are part of this caste. They are skilled in hand to hand combat, as well as ki usage, making them fearsome opponents to those who wish to take advantage of the namekians peaceful ways.
Dogi: Usually colored coat, namekian scarf and dogi pants.
Fighting Style Techniques:

[BG] Hand Chop [B1]: A rush attack where he charges at the opponent and chops them in their neck.

[IN] Mystic Grab [A2]: Using their ability to strech their limbs, the namekian aims to grab the opponent at distance, using the elasticity to powerfully throw the opponent, causing serious damage upon impact.

[AD] Warrior's Rend [M3]: A rush attack. First, he punches the opponent in the face and knees them in the stomach. Then, he hook kicks the opponent away and extends his right arm to grab them before hand chopping them away.


Light Grenade [B1]: The user puts their hands together in front of them as they charge a yellow energy sphere in their hands. Then, they bring their hands forward and fires the energy sphere, inflicting a massive amount of damage.

Tri-Form [S1]: The user can split into three identical duplicates to fight as a group. However, the user will need to equally split his power level for each duplicate.

Hellzone Grenade [SP]: The user charges up and fires several energy spheres randomly in the opponent's direction, disregarding accuracy and with no intent on actually hitting the enemy. With efficient ki control, the multiple energy spheres are suspended in the air, completely surrounding them. Finally, the user commands the energy spheres, which change from a yellow to purple color, to rapidly spin around the opponent and inevitably rain down on them with a vicious onslaught from every direction, filling the sky with a blinding light and inflicting a massive amount of damage. This technique cannot be dodged, even with Afterimage techniques, but it can be blocked.

Namekian Mazoku Clan
kanji here

The outcast among the namekians. Those evil corrupted namekians forfeit their good side to become the ultimate demons that mix the qualities of both the dragon clan, and the warrior clan.

Dogi: A purple dogi with a red belt and wristbands.
Fighting Style Skills and Techniques:

[BG] Telepathy [S1]: As long as the target is within the reach of his ki sensing ability, the namekian has the ability to channel his thoughts to another being. This ability can be blocked with another technique or a higher power level alone

[IN] Mystic Grab [A2]: Using their ability to strech their limbs, the namekian aims to grab the opponent at distance, using the elasticity to powerfully throw the opponent, causing serious damage upon impact.

[AD] Demon's Rend [M3]: A rush attack. First, he punches the opponent in the face and knees them in the stomach. Then, he hook kicks the opponent away and extends his right arm to grab them before hand chopping them away.


Masenko [B1]: The attack is performed by the user placing both hands above the head with the palms facing the target and one hand in front of the other with the fingers going in opposite directions. When the user thrusts their hands forward, they call the name and fire a beam of yellow, white, or orange energy.

Mutant Offspring [S1]: Once per thread, the user can spit an egg from his mouth, creating a monstrous mutant namekian to fight alongside him. The mutant offspring has the same techniques of the user, as well as 25% of his total power level.

Special Beam Cannon [SP]: The move is performed by touching the index and middle fingers of one hand to the forehead and charging enough ki to attack. Its speed changes to the power level of the user performing the move. When ready, the fingers are extended forward, and two thin energy beams are unleashed from the fingers. One remains straight while the other coils around the straight beam. The resulting beam is quite powerful, drilling through most targets, and exploding on the ones it can't. It can also be used with only one arm. It is chargeabe and cannot be blocked. The piercing properties of the Special Beam Cannon are twice it's normal power level.


Kold Elite Style
kanji here

The strongest natural race of the universe, the Kold demons are feared not only by their power, but for their ruthlessness. Although their members are not very fond of training, in light of recent event, such as their demise at the hands of the saiyans, during the siege of Kold, and the rebellion of the brenchians, made them ressurrect their fighting school, in order to harvest their fullest potential, and, once again, claim their place as the rulers of the universe.
Dogi: None.
Fighting Style Techniques:

[BG] Tail Attack [B1]: The Kold demon uses his tail to attack their opponents by surprise.

[IN] Death Raid [A2]: The user surrounds his body with aura and dashes straight at the opponent, hitting them in the stomach with a powerful punch.

[AD] Death Break [M3]: The Kold demon punches his opponent in the stomach. He then attacks and knocks the opponent away up into the air with two roundhouse kicks. Finally, the user appears above the opponent and knocks them down into the ground with a hook kick in their stomach, inflicting a high amount of damage.


Death Beam [B1]: To perform the technique, the user extends his right arm and fires a small, thin, very fast and concentrated laser-like beam of ki from his index finger, which barrels down and pierces through the opponent. The user is able to fire the attack very quickly, while maintaining precise aim.

Telekinesis [S1]: As long as the target is within sight, the Kold demon can use his mind to move it. This ability can be blocked with another technique or a higher power level alone.

Death Ball [SP]: The Kold demon lights a spark of energy on his index finger. Once enough energy is gathered, this spark may grow to the size of a small moon and is thrown towards the target. Typically, this attack is used to destroy planets or as a last-ditch effort to kill an opponent. This attack is so dangerous, that it charges at double speed, meaning that the charge rate for it is 200%, and it is fully charged after only two rounds.

Planet Trade Organization

Brenchian War School
kanji here

Since the dawn of its existance, the brenchians were always among the elite members of the Planet Trade Organization, and held in right regards by the Kold demons. They excelled in fighting skill and speed, and were well trained by the brenchian war school, responsible for generating elites in all eras. Now, with their independence from the Kold Empire, the Brenchian War School started to be seeing as a force to be recognized.
Dogi: New Battle Suit (Tagoma and Shisami's model).
Fighting Style Techniques:

[BG] Red/Purple Magma [B1]: Using their incredible speed, the user strikes one of his signature poses as he charges pure red/purple energy around him. Then, he rushes towards the opponent, knocking anything in his way, inflicting a great deal of damage.

[IN] Red/Purple Comet Attack [A2]: The user charges at the opponent with a powerful energy punch. However, if the opponent dodges it, the user immediately follows with his Mach Kicks.

[AD] Red/Purple Comet Crush [M3]: The brenchian charges a powerful red/purple aura around his body, and starts flying around the opponent creating a vortex, capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage while trapping the target inside of it.


Crusher Ball [B1]: The user concentrates a high amount of energy in his left hand and creates a mid-sized, red/purple-colored energy sphere by turning his palm upward. Then, the user slams the sphere with his open right hand hurling the energy sphere towards the opponent, inflicting a high amount of damage.

Fighting Pose [S1]: Once per thread, the user can concentrate his ki energy by making a fighting pose. After that, his speed will be increaded by 25% for his next action, be it a dodge or an attack.

Brenchian Blade [SP]: The brenchians ultimate skill. It is a technique created by forming his ki into an energy blade around his hand. The energy blade resembles a lightsaber, both in its inception, appearance, light emitted, and crackling sounds made. This technique can be used for cutting and cannot be blocked, only dodged. Another special trait of this technique is that it can deflect ki attacks freely, once for every charge it has, as long as the technique's power level isn't higher than the technique power level.


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