Saiyan Path System

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Saiyan Path System

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:19 am

Saiyan Path System

''Oh my, Saiyans must not know these days''. Snippar Sol

So I got the okay to basically spill this, it's something I created and now it's in the system being worked on by the team. It's a system that I want to eventually implement for all races. For right now though it's exclusive to only Saiyan-jins.

Legendary Super Saiyan Path: Legendary Super Saiyan Path; What is a path system, why should we use it? For starters, a path system is something you can call as a choice system or advance class system. By picking a certain advancement, you have the choice of obtaining certain traits that the other path does not offer. Lets say a character want's to be a Super Saiyan three. He would not take the other path to acquire Legendary Super Saiyan status. To limit abuse in this system it's either one or the other. You can't unlock LSSJ and then go get SSJ3. A path system is a final choice for an advanced class, once it's picked it cannot be rewritten unless of course you collect all seven dragon balls to reset that path. In a nutshell the path system is based on a specific class you want to go. Moving on. The LSSJ path can only be utilized if a Saiyan meets the following requirements. If he or she unlocks SSJ, and over time changes alignment from pure of heart after awakening SSJ to pure evil and obsession. Granted LSSJ was mentioned all through out canon, broly being a special case. But with all these power boosts like SSJ3, the LSSJ became something weak and useless. LSSJ status would have a custom multiplier based on the Admin and mods final choice, that multiplier would serve like the rest, an extra boost to power level and attacks. Just like mastery, the LSSJ status would be seperated into teirs like novice, advanced, and mastery each with a different multiplier. Also it would be a double edged sword to the character that uses this sudden burst of power. As broly stated, ''My ki is growing, overflowing..'' His body constantly grew stronger as time passed, creating a mass of energy from within, to keep himself from com-busting broly had to maintain combat and exert his energy in order to keep up with the constant rise in power. If you pay attention to his actions, or his words he looked rather spent. Why is this? The transformation had a huge risk, for such magnificent power came at a price, he would need to exert more power to maintain that growth, otherwise risk exploding. But as he exerted more energy he proved fine, and over time he staggered and became tired. So as it stands the transformation is a double edged sword regardless of the out come. Now the tiers would reduce some of that huge stress by a certain percentage or a certain post limit to make it balanced and fair. This too would make it strong enough to compete with the other SS tiers. This would be the Path of pure evil, and this path can be obtained by displaying evil acts in solo's, in player vs player threads, or even in destroying cities and NPC's. It's a path system, a choice. Each choice ought to have a reward. Just so happens the evil choice has a reward with a price. Being that it's legendary status it should be a reasonable multiplier. Since it has quite a huge flaw or a few flaws in the form.

Overview: We're working out the kinks as we speak, and fixing multipliers, so keep a look out. Another announcement will be made once this is fully in the system. Get hyped!


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