Saiyan race

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Saiyan race

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Planet Vegeta & Planet Natto

Starting Power: 1000

Nearly genetically identical to humans in all aspects. The one major genetic difference is that they have fully functional tails. These tails are normally between 20-30% of the total height of the saiyan. Most saiyans are born naturally with darker colored eyes and dark tinted hair. Usually saiyans stand quite tall but do run the full gambit of heights from diminutive to giant.

A warriors warrior, a race of prideful monkeys, or bloodthirsty savages who have no decency. The saiyans have been called all of the above and worse. The race lives for combat and pursues it with an almost reckless abandon. The children of the race are judged upon birth using scouters and more advanced technology. Once judged the future of the child is determined at that moment. If they are deemed worthy of training they will be shipped off to the Elite Schools of Vegeta otherwise they are sent to lower strength planets to crush the inhabitants and then return home. Once they return home they would then be allowed to rebuild their lives in service to the crown.

Often the saiyan’s pride can blind them to potential allies upon the battlefield but if defeated a saiyan can sometimes see the light. These kinder hearted saiyans are less aggressive but it seems that their will to fight is still there. This trait makes them stalwart allies to those that can earn the saiyans trust and friendship.

Pun Name Examples:
Vegeta, Tarble, Nappa, Turles, Broly, Paragus, Toma, Kakarott, Seripa.

Unique Characteristics:
Zenkai: On taking serious, life-threatening damage in battle those with saiyan blood can gain a zenkai upon recovering from these injuries, which can cause rapid increases in power. {10% Power Increase upon taking life threatening damage. Can only be obtained in DE/Saga Threads}

Saiyan Tail:The saiyan tail is a weak spot; open being grabbed, the saiyan will be in a paralytic amount of pain. The weakness within the tail may be trained away at any level of earning new techniques above the 11k techniques.

Tail Regeneration: To some extent, saiyans are capable of regenerating their tail. A Child saiyan can regenerate his tail a maximum of 4 times in their life. This can only occur once every 10,000 PL. On the other hand, upon maturing, an adult saiyan (older than 18) will only be able to regenerate his tail twice in their life. Saiyan tails can be regenerated by any means that can regenerate limbs. {Examples are having both pieces and using a senzu bean, Namekian Regeneration, and Dragonball Wishes.

Path of Power:

Oozaru: Is a giant, monkey-like creature that Saiyans can transform into at the full moon to increase their gigantic strength without losing any speed, due to the blutz wave radiation. Initially it's impossible to control, but after intense training, a saiyan can keep his rationality. {Training must be in conjunction with training away the weakness in the tail, therefore requiring two support tech slots. 11k+ } [x10]

Super Saiyan : Stories and fables do not even bring to justice the power that is demonstrated by a saiyan who manages to find the secret to this transformation. Strong enough to shake an entire planet and yet not harm any life upon it should the saiyan show it. There are rumors that a Super Saiyan only emerges once every thousand years. What happens to trigger this is extreme emotional or physical duress upon the saiyan. The legends tell of the last super saiyan upon their transformation was able to be sensed by the Kais. The last super Saiyan appeared one thousand years ago, and was only able to maintain such power in a transformed state. Even though this fabled myth is a mere legend, some have made this legend a reality. Upon such a transformation the genetic mutation causes the saiyan to obtain a golden hue in his or her's aura. During this sesnse of power, the body bulks up quite a bit because of the power obtained then it lowers back to normal physical cosmetics. Eye's change blue, and the hair wraps up into a golden flame. Power submerges the saiyan and a new personality appears. Not all Saiyans that change into these profound warriors keep there sense of rationality through the prowess of a Super Saiyan. {110k+} [x13]

Master Super Saiyan : There are legends of the many Super Saiyan's fighting for days if not weeks on end with no end. The battles of legend where speaking of the Mastered Super Saiyan form. This form curbs the rapid ascent and descent in and out of the Super Saiyan form by use of the users ki. Most saiyan's that find this transformation have mastered control over their ki. This act of change pushes the Saiyan to a state where mastery is of wisdom through harsh training to main this form on a daily basis. Those who have this formation mastered are seen just like any other super saiyan, expect they can make it there normal form and stay in it with out charging an aura like hue. It takes days, even years of practice to maintain such. {Requires [SU1] Ki Sense & [SU1] Ki Suppression} {150k+} [x16]

Ultra Super Saiyan: This is a transformation that enhances offence and sacrifices the users speed and defense. This is not a separate tier per-say for the saiyan warrior instead it is a final enhancement to the saiyan. Upon mastering the original Super Saiyan form some have found the lack of offense disturbing and further pushed the strength. They pushed until the point where their muscles bulged and looked to nearly explode. The user slows in speed but their offensive might is frightening. When a Saiyan changes into this aspect, bulk is shown over lapping the body. Mass in size increases, and the Saiyan appears more bigger than most. It is apparent the physical boost in strength is there, but not the speed itself.{Require [SU1] Bulking} {150k+} [x18/x13]

Super Saiyan 2: As the saiyan trains the ultra state they realized that the lack of speed would be deadly against sleeker faster opponents as they could not hit them. So they began to theorize that there had to be another stage for the SSJ. This was shown to them by three shining examples of power during the Fracturing War. As the Saiyan Empires’ force of Super Saiyans where stopped by all of three warriors within this ascended state. The golden aura’s where sharper, their hair was longer than that of a super saiyan and electricity coursed from their bodies. This form is born of deeper despair and aguish for some, while others it comes naturally, and others it must be drawn out through exhaustive training. {Requires Mastered Super Saiyan form. 260k+} [x26]

Mastered Super Saiyan 2: Mastery of the Ascended Saiyan form is one that is hard to do but rewarding to those that do. A strength from deep within keeps driving the saiyan along until they are capable of maintaining their Super Saiyan 2 form as they have for the Super Saiyan form. They find that after more exhausted training that they are capable of doing exactly that. {320k+} [x32]

Super Saiyan 3: There is a form only spoken of in reverence and hidden within myths and half truths. The saiyan who obtained this form is said to of had hair that touched the ground behind them and had no eyebrows. Their face became more chiseled and stern looking while their teal eyes regained the blackened pupils of their non transformed state. It is mentioned in the myths that this Legendary Saiyan when they transformed it twisted and warped all of reality around themselves. The very planet they where changing on would rattle shake across its entire sphere. {420k+} [x42]

Legendary Super Saiyan 3: This is the form of the Legendary Super Saiyan. The form that all saiyans wish to strive for. A boost in power along with the one weakness of this form being weeded out make this a formidable fighter. Bulking does not amplify this forms power anymore. {500k+} [x46]

Legendary Super Saiyan Path

Evil Power Surge: When dominated by intense evil rage, this special saiyan can reach a state that resembles the super saiyan form, but stronger! The saiyan's muscles swell slightly, his hair assumes a purple hue with, and his skin pigment is dulled. This form appears to come out of saiyan nightmares! {110k+} [x15]

True Super Saiyan: Out of saiyans most ancient legends, this form has a tremendous power, so strong that can easily destroy their opponents. Although, in appearance, it ressembles a regular super saiyan, only slightly bulkier, the saiyan gains an absurd resistance to pain, meaning that most attacks won't make him even flinch. He will still be damaged, yes, but will suffer not a single restraiment due to that. {Imune to pain. 150k+} [x20].

Legendary Super Saiyan: The Legendary Super Saiyan, the most feared warrior of the universe. The records of history tell a tale of the destruction of most of Southern Galaxy by a single individual who had this tremendous power. As the Legendary Super Saiyan, a saiyan's strength and speed extraordinarily excel that of any Super Saiyan shown previously. Its height and muscle mass also increase by a great amount after transforming; during his transformation, his skin cracks and peels back to reveal green-colored energy in his body. His power level also rises on several occasions, being unable to determine just how powerful it truly is. Additionally, the irises and pupils in his eyes disappear, and his hair changes to a light-green color. {Requires [S1] Bulking. 260k+} [x30] / {300k+} [x32] / {320k+} [x34] / {340k+ [x36] / and {360k+} [x38]

Golden Great Ape: If he manages to keep its tail, the legendary super saiyan, when under influence of the full moon, is able of attaining a very special transformation: his Great Ape form becomes a Legendary Super Saiyan itself, just like the legends told by the first saiyans who arrived on Vegeta. Appearance wise, aside from their fur being golden-colored and standing on end, the Saiyan's appearance is identical to that of a regular Great Ape. Due to the intense rage and evil within, a saiyan on this form is totally uncontrolleable until he manages to master the form. {Requires Legendary Super Saiyan form. Requires [S3] Golde Great Ape Mastery} [x42]


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