Grading and Expectations

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Grading and Expectations

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:16 am

Grades upon this site are determined using a tiered system. The first and most important of this tier system is going to be the Quality of the post. You could easily have a three thousand word post but have no substance. A well written post will mean more to the person you are roleplaying with as it will allow them to respond accordingly. You will see surprisingly that your word coutn will improve as you learn how to increase your quality.

Word Count:
While not the most important thing this shall be posted up here first. The word count while important to help you establish wat your character is doing and how they are reacting to every situation it is not the end all be all. We are not a site where your WC will defeat another persons WC meaning you will win a fight. The word count will count for at most 75% of your grade whenever it comes to the threads you are within.

This is the most important thing for the roleplay here. For this is what everyone should strive for as this can and will change how much you will receive from the thread more than anything else. As this multiplier is the one that an determine what it is that you earn as this always goes off of 100% of your earnings even after multipliers.

Additional modifiers:

Weights are a low cost easy to obtain way to help increase ones power in the early stages of the game.
All Weights fall off after 125k in power and lose 25% of their effectiveness at 100,000PL.

{{Canon Examples of these would be Goku and Piccolo before the arrival of Raditz and how their pwoer changed after removing their weights.}}

Gravity is perfect for mid and late game gains.
Gravity however begins to drop off in effectiveness about 300k in power and at 500k they lose all of the effectiveness.

{{Goku training on the way to Namek, Vegeta training Trunks before the Majin Buu Arc.}}

An effective place to allow for personal training by yourself or in smaller groups
Houses do not lose their effectiveness over time because their bonuses are rather low.


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