Saibamen (Plant Creatures)

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Saibamen (Plant Creatures)

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Starting Planet:
Vegeta Mainly. But sometimes planted on various planets.

Starting Power: 400-800

Appearance: Small short creatures usually standing between three to four feet. They come in a set of colors sometimes classifying them from alphas to normal breeds used for work, combat, and choirs that the owners often can't be bothered to deal with. They appear with lightly large heads and gangly limbs with three claw digits on each hand and feet. They do not appear large or dangerous at first but are usually intended to be in large numbers and are seen as expendable usually.

Background: The race is a invention created in the form of small green seeds for war and hard labor applications. The seeds when put in good soil will grow in a matter of moments which made them a good source of disposable soldiers and work force. They have been used in the empires of the saiyans and arcosians and various other mercenaries through out the years and centuries. The race itself often never given much of their own history or acknowledgement given what little use they are seen for after their need has been run.

They are more often then most in the past been used to conquer planets and dispatched after. Given they are born with decent power levels and use a mob mentality in battle. Although usually when used they wouldn't be mentioned in most history lessons rather their part written over for the warriors of note involved in said conquering. Given this fact of their lack of need beyond momentary use they have not really had time to develop and much of the race is unknown of anything beyond their usually applications. Leaving them as more so a mystery. A mystery no one really cares about.

Unique Characteristics:
Short Life Span: Saibamen normally meet sad ends to a various amount of reasons. But should one luckily avoid such dangers the usually life span of a saibamen can run usually from fifteen to twenty years in age. The last five years usually when they'd experience what some might call their elder years.

SaibaSeed: Saibamen have no gender and no way of reproduction besides the possibility of sometimes gaining seeds from the bodies of dead and fallen corpses of their dead brethren. The seed is also the only way to birth this race. 

Environmental Adaption: A saibamen can be born in countless environments and among countless species of creatures. To survive their bodies over time will begin to adapt and change physically in varies way. To better survive the elements as well as the thrive in its environment. (To reflect their transformation tree)

Saiba Speech: Saiba's only know how to speak their native language and even if they learn to understand the speech of other races they themselves are incapable of speaking new languages themselves. (Saibamen speak their own language, However it is possible to learn to mimic and learn to speak in a broken fashion the words of other species. However this will be more so a rough attempt rather then ever actually mastering speech. Requires a tech slot as well)

Childish: Easily detracted, Often losing focus if orders go beyond basic and simple. Easily taken by things new to them and treats. Even if people think them dumb as well they can learn to a extent like children and can be possibly sociable, Even if people don't understand them.

Acid Pocket: A Saibamen has a organ in its head that can when the head splits open spit out stored acid at a enemy. This acid is corrosive and can burn away at flesh and most metals. Its very dangerous please don't do not apply internally!! (Mechanically once a topic this could be used as a free n1 attack attempt. If it were to hit the target it would be as being hit with 33% of the saiba's power level. An would continue to the next turn as a free 33% of continuous damage as the acid burns away for a short time icly.)

Suicide Bomb: The final attack of desperate saibamen. When a saiba focuses all its inner ki and destroys its own body as a makeshift bomb. This however does kill the creature in its goal to destroy its target. Sadly this is often a order given to the little creatures and missions ends. (Mechanically the saiba would get a attack of 200% PL attack sent at their foe at the cost of their own life. This is a DE only skill. It is usually aimed to try and kill a opponent at the cost of their own life.)

Saiba Rage - A form of anger brought out in battle that all saibas are capable of. The animal like ways they fight with claws and fangs becoming even more dangerous when they give into a animalistic like nature. Turning for a time feral their only focus destruction and damage towards whatever their focus is gather on. {Free} [x2]

Environment Adaption - A natural evolution has occurred an the saiba has begun to adjust and acquire some changes to its body. The saibamen's body can mutate lightly as it begins to take in traits of the environment around it. Perhaps taking on features of animals or perhaps body features to relate specifically to the elements it encounters often. Letting it survive a little easier and adapt to the planet it has been grown on. {70k+} [x6] (Please keep the first alterations minor but the main core still a base Saibamen.)

Snap Evolution - The Saibamen's body has now begin to take on a more direct change. The bodies begin taking on a form all their own possibly. As well as learning to access the ability to push themselves into a powered state involving these new changing like their rage. Their bodies are beginning to mutate and change. Some apparently take on much more noticeable like traits or possibly relating to the animals and or environment. Some as well merely accessing their powers to become rage like creatures or smaller even. The variety truly to vast to describe. {150k+} [x15]

Metamorphosis (Permanent)- This is a big part of a saiba's life. The day its body sheds its skin. Its body has been adapting and changing evolving if you will. This stage has taken on a more permanent change the saibamen can change shape completely into a new base form of a much higher power. Its body can vary to being completely copying nearly copying animals or taking on special armored features. Each saibamen is different in the great change depending on how they evolved throughout their lives. {250k+} [x25] Permanent

Imperfect Saiba - The evolving process has not ended. The new form has taken on a form of life of its own as the saiba's adaptive nature is still continuing. Its new form reacting in its own way to the way it evolves and how it changes. This is nearing its final stage as it nears the final evolution of its people. {400k+} [x42]

Legendary Super Saibamen (Permanent) - Elite, Its a form rare and few if any have ever actually seen one. Some say its a legend but more so a joke story.But when its supposedly happened its said the saibamen take upon a new look and once again sheds its flesh. This final form is the end of its major bodily changes however. It has taken on a form nearly all its own at this point. Besides some facial features and at least somewhat saibamen looking features it has taken on a life and look of its own. Its said such creatures possibly can come in so many forms only the most creative imagination could realize all the possibilities. {+460k+} [x45] Permanent

Bellow are some Canon examples of DBO online Saibamen to give some ideas on changes.


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