Akuma Rēsu (Demons)

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Akuma Rēsu (Demons)

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Starting Power: 1000

Demons stretch the full range from monstrous creatures to near perfect human clones. Though most demons take pride in their appearances. Most demons have horns, wings, or some combinations of these two. Their eyes run the full spectrum of colors and combinations of colors as do their skin. Also demons may learn a technique to blend in with the native populations of the planet they are living on.

The native race of Hell, they live on the Demon Realm, born either from parents or from the evil energy that gathers there. Demons are usually evil and ruthless power seeking creatures, but not all of them are slaves to this nature.

Unique Characteristics:
Hell's Blessing: Due to where they originate the demons have a two extra technique (either offensive or support) available to them upon character creation.
Makyo Powered: Harvesting the power from the Makyo Star, a demon can use a technique with much more power than usual. Once per thread, a demon can add a x4 modifier to the PL of an attack he uses. However, when transformed due to the Makyo Star, a demon cannot use this power.

Demon Heart - By tapping into their inner demonical energies, the demon can boost his own power to an impressive level. [x3]

Makyo Star - Whenever the Makyo Star shines on the skies, the demons that gaze at it get filled with demonical power that is so impressive that changes their bodies, making them grow over 8 feet tall, becoming bulky and fearsome. For the weaker demons, this power comes at the cost of their consciousness{Uncontrolled until 20k+}[x10]

Full-fledged Demon - When they are recognized by their peers as a true demon, the influence of Hell takes over their hearts and allows the demon to tap into a fearsome power that could rival many of the legendary warriors of the universe. {90k+} [x11]

Demonic Lord - Ascending further beyond, the influence of the demons power is capable of reaching other realms. They are the lords of their kind and some of them even command legions of minions that will give their life to their demonical lord. His power is feared, and fear is good. {160k+} [x18]

Demonic King - Reigning over a large portion of the underworld, these demons are capable of such feats, that the lower Kais are afraid to even think of. They are beings coming right out of people's worst nightmares. Only a few selected demons had ever managed to achieve this status. {Requires Ki Suppression [S1]} {230k+} [x22]

Demonic Overlord - Far above the Kings of Hell, there are the mighty overlords who's power dwarfs that of the lower Kais. Their evil hearts are capable of corrupting the weaker creatures, stealing their souls. When reaching this form, the evil is undeniable and impossible to hide. {300k+} [x30]

Makaioshin - The gods of creation of the universe are the Supreme Kais, and, although their opposite are the gods of destruction, some demons are able to rival the power of the Supreme Kais, they are the true rulers of the Demon Realm. They power is almost godly. {400k+} [x44]


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