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Timeline & Lore

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Time Immemorial
Majin Buu comes into existence, going through cycles of destruction and hibernation.

Over 100 million years Before Age
The earliest Kais are thought to exist.

About 75 Million years Before Age
The 15th generation Supreme Kai, Old Kai, is sealed into the Z Sword by the short-tempered God of Destruction Beerus after an argument over some trifling thing during one of their coordination meetings held every 1,000 years.

The Supreme Kai of Time and the Demon God Demigra face of in a battle of time but the The Surpreme Kai of Time wins and seals Demigra in the crack of time.

About 5 Million years Before Age
The evil wizard Bibidi is successful in summoning the mighty Majin Buu. The monster destroys thousands of planets in the following years. Four of the five Supreme Kais are killed, South Supreme Kai and Grand Supreme Kai, are also absorbed by the monster, adding an aspect of good to him, as well as changing his appearance. East Supreme Kai manages to kill Bibidi and leaves Buu's shell on Earth.

Tens of thousands of years Before Age
Annin begins her service of protecting the Furnace of Eight Divinations on the border between the living world and the Other World.

4237 Before Age
Garlic Jr.'s ancestors migrate to planet Earth from their home, the Makyo Star.

739 Before Age
Princess Snake becomes the princess of Snake Way, and settles into her castle alongside it.

Approximately 238 Before Age
The original Super Saiyan appears and wreaks havoc across the universe.

226 Before Age
Hirudegarn is reborn by the power of the Kashvar on the planet Konats, sparking the Hirudegarn war. A Konatsian Wizard defeats Hirudegarn with an enchanted sword and with the help of Tapion and Minotia, using magical ocarinas. Tapion and Minotia are locked into music boxes and are sent to completely opposite sides of the universe.

Age 261
King Yemma travels Snake Way to receive training from King Kai. Princess Snake meets him and falls in love with him.
On Namek, violent storms ravage the planet and destroy many of the life-giving Ajisa plants, causing a drought. Katas sends his son away on a space ship to avoid death, but the storms stop and no one follows the child. All Namekians, except for Guru, perish. The child is forced to land on the planet Earth.

Age 430
Master Roshi is born.

Age 431
The nameless son of Katas becomes the apprentice of Earth's current Kami, along with Garlic.

Age 448
Master Roshi turns 18 and continues training under Master Mutaito. He falls in love with Fanfan.

Approximately Age 450
Master Roshi climbs Korin Tower and reaches the top. He begins his training with Korin to obtain the Sacred Water.

Age 451
King Kai's encounter with Beerus.

Approximately Age 453
Master Roshi is able to retrieve the Sacred Water from Korin, after three years of trying.

Age 461
Garlic tries to take over the Earth in response to Earth's Kami not choosing him as his successor. He is defeated and trapped by Kami. The child of Katas is the chosen one and ascends to the throne of Kami after separating himself from the evil in his being.

The evil in Kami's being separates and forms King Piccolo. The King Piccolo wars begin. Piccolo leads a reign of terror across the Earth, but is sealed in the Electric Rice Cooker by Mutaito's Evil Containment Wave. Mutaito dies as a result of performing the move.

Age 467
The four Kais (North Kai, South Kai, West Kai, and East Kai) get together for one of their few reunions.

Age 470
Kami creates the Dragon Balls.

Approximately Age 550
The first Saiyans land on Planet Plant (later known as Planet Vegeta) in a mysterious ship.

Age 650 May 7
The 1st World Martial Arts Tournament is held.

Age 658
Grandpa Gohan is born.

Age 662
Kami tells Mr. Popo what he remembers about his childhood.

Age 708
Dr. Brief and Mrs. Brief are born near this year.

Approximately Age 719
Jaco is born.

Age 720-730
The Saiyan-Tuffle war takes place.

Age 731
The Saiyans are annexed by the galactic overlord Frieza and start conquering planets to sell. King Vegeta marries his queen.

Age 732
Vegeta is born.

Age 733. May 8
Earth's king, King Furry, is sworn in.

Age 733, August 18
Bulma is born.

Age 735
Frieza starts to feel misgivings toward the Saiyans. It begins a period of controlled chaos.

The Oracle Fish predicts that Beerus will meet an "enemy of threat" in 39 years. In response, Beerus slumbers for 39 years to await this future challenge.

Age 736
Mr. Satan and Krillin are born.

Age 737
Chi-Chi is born.

Goku is born.

The Saibamen are developed by a Saiyan scientist.

Cooler allows Goku's Attack Ball to flee as it would be his brother's burden, not his.

The Galactic King assigns Jaco to travel to Earth and try to prevent Goku, the approaching Saiyan from destroying it.

Age 737, Between June and August
Goku lands on Earth and is found by Grandpa Gohan.

Age 738
Goku hits his head on a rock after falling down a cliff. He stops being a reckless and vicious child and becomes a happy, fun-loving boy.

Age 739
A fire spirit is unleashed and sets Pleasant Mountain, where the Ox-King and his daughter live in a castle, on fire. The Ox King and his daughter are trapped at the bottom of the mountain. The mountain is renamed Mountain Fry-Pan.

Age 749
Bulma on her summer vacation searching for the Dragon Balls meets Goku and discovers that the sphere he owns is actually the 4-Star Dragon Ball.

Goku sends Boss Rabbit and his gang to the moon. Mai and Shu steal all but one of the Dragon Balls from Goku and the gang. Once the Dragon Balls are gathered, Pilaf summons Shenron at night and Oolong wishes for panties. Later, Goku looks at the moon and turns into a Great Ape, destroying Pilaf's castle.

Goku and Krillin become Master Roshi's students after finding a girl named Launch for him. Later, Roshi moves his house to a larger island, and Goku and Krillin prepare for their tough training with the martial arts master

Age 750
Goku gets second place on the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai.

After 3 days of training Goku finally obtains the Holy Water which was only plain tap water. Goku defeats Mercenary Tao at the base of Korin Tower and single-handedly destroys the entire Red Ribbon Army. In Fortuneteller Baba's battle arena, Goku is reunited with his dead grandfather

Age 753
The 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Tien Shinhan wins. Goku comes in a close second. Krillin is killed by Tambourine and King Piccolo appears.

Goku kills King Piccolo. Piccolo gives birth to his reincarnation, Piccolo Jr. Goku reaches Kami's Lookout and trains there for the next three years with Mr. Popo and Kami.

Age 756
The 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament begins. Goku becomes engaged to Chi-Chi. Goku defeats Piccolo Jr. and wins the tournament for the first time. Planning for Goku and Chi-Chi's wedding begins, but a mysterious fire erupts and traps the Ox-King inside with Chi-Chi's wedding dress.

Goku travels to Mount Gogyou, the home of the Furnace of Eight Divinations where he meets his dead grandfather again. He fixes the hole in the bottom of the furnace and the flames cease around the Ox-King's castle. Goku and Chi-Chi are married

Age 761
Raditz arrives on Earth to retrieve his brother. Goku and Raditz are killed by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon. Vegeta and Nappa go into a state of suspended animation and head for Earth.

Age 762
Goku is resurrected after completing his training under King Kai.

Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth. The Z Fighters battle the Saibamen and Yamcha is killed. Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Krillin and Chiaotzu face off against Nappa. Chiaotzu, Tien and Piccolo are killed. Goku arrives and defeats Nappa, who is killed for his loss by Vegeta. The battle between Goku and Vegeta ends in a draw. Vegeta leaves Earth to get healed.

A micro-sized robot is deployed by Dr. Gero to collect blood samples from the strongest fighters for use in the construction of Cell.

Vegeta, Cui, Bulma, Krillin and Gohan all land on Namek at about the same time. Goku leaves for Namek. Dende takes Krillin to meet Grand Elder Guru. Piccolo, Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha arrive at King Kai's planet and begin their training there.

Captain Ginyu steals the Dragon Balls from Vegeta. Vegeta kills Guldo. Goku arrives on Namek and defeats Jeice, Burter and Recoome, sparing their lives. Vegeta kills Jeice, Burter and Recoome. Captain Ginyu accidentally exchanges bodies with a frog. Dende uses the Namekian Dragon Balls to wish Piccolo back to life and on Namek. Guru dies from a heart attack. The battle with Frieza begins. Dende, Vegeta, and Krillin are killed by Frieza. Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time. Mr. Popo collects all the Earth Dragon balls and wishes all the victims of Frieza back to life. Frieza is sliced into pieces by his own Death Saucer. Namek explodes. Guru dies of old age.

Age 764
Future Trunks arrives. He kills Mecha Frieza and his father King Cold. Goku returns to Earth. The Z Fighters learn of two androids that threaten Earth and will surface in three years. Future Trunks gives Heart Medicine to Goku for a Heart Virus that kills him in Future Trunks' timeline.

Cooler goes to Earth to avenge his brother's death, but is defeated by Goku.

Vegeta undergoes gravity training to become a Super Saiyan. A relationship slowly develops between Vegeta and Bulma.

Age 767
The 24th World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Mr. Satan is the winner. Videl wins the junior tournament.

Android 19 and Android 20 (Dr. Gero) arrive. Goku battles Android 19 but is stricken with the heart virus. Vegeta shows up saving Goku and kills Android 19. Yamcha takes Goku's body to his house. Piccolo battles Android 20 and Future Trunks shows up to help. Android 17, Android 18, and Android 16 are awoken. Android 17 kills Dr. Gero. The Z Fighters are defeated by Android 17 and Android 18. Cell shows up later that day. Piccolo and Kami fuse and Piccolo temporarily becomes the strongest Z Fighter. The Cell of the present is destroyed, along with Dr. Gero's underground lab, by Krillin and Future Trunks.

Cooler is revived by the Big Gete Star and attempts to takeover New Namek, but is once again defeated.

At noon, the Cell Games begin. Goku battles Cell. He forfeits and tells Gohan to battle. Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. Cell, afraid of Gohan, starts to activate the bomb inside of him and Goku dies a second time by teleporting himself and Cell to King Kai's planet, sacrificing himself to save the Earth. Cell survives and returns stronger than ever. Gohan is able to overpower Cell and destroys him for good.

Bojack is released by the impact of Cell's explosion.

Goku visits Grand Kai's planet and meets him. Goku participates in the Afterlife Tournament. Goku fights Pikkon and is victorious. A documentary is broadcasted on TV covering the events of the life of the World Champion, Mr. Satan.

Age 774
The 25th World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Goku returns to Earth for a single day to compete in the tournament. Supreme Kai asks for the Z Fighters help in stopping Babidi from releasing Majin Buu. Vegeta kills Pui Pui. Goku kills Yakon. Gohan battles Dabura, but the match ends in a draw. Vegeta is turned into an evil disciple of Babidi. He battles Goku, but the match is stopped when they sense that Majin Buu has been released. Vegeta battles Buu and sacrifices his life trying to defeat him. Goku suggests the Fusion Dance to defeat Buu. Goku battles Buu as a Super Saiyan 3, but retreats as he wants the fusion of Goten and Trunks to be the one who kills Buu. Buu kills Babidi. Due to turning Super Saiyan 3, Goku is forced to return to the after-life early. Gohan mistakenly frees Old Kai from the Z Sword. Old Kai begins the ceremony to unleash Gohan's sleeping power. Buu befriends Mr. Satan and a puppy named Bee. Buu's evil and good sides split, causing the creation of the more powerful Super Buu. Buu kills almost every single being on Earth.

The fusion of Goten and Trunks, Gotenks, battles Super Buu. Gotenks defuses, but Gohan arrives and easily thrashes Buu around using his new awoken powers. Piccolo and Gotenks are absorbed by Buu. Old Kai gives Goku his life allowing him to return to Earth. Buu absorbs Gohan. Vegeta returns to Earth with the help of Fortuneteller Baba. Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegito, and effortlessly pick Buu apart. Vegeta rips the Good Buu out of Super Buu, causing him to revert into his original form, Kid Buu. Kid Buu destroys the Earth. Goku and Vegeta battle Buu on the world of the Kais. Porunga restores the Earth. Vegeta's life is restored when all of the good people who died are wished back to life. Goku destroys Buu with the Super Spirit Bomb.

Broly comes back and terrorizes a village. Goten, Trunks, Videl, and Gohan try to stop him, and are able to defeat him with the help of Goku.

Age 778
Beerus awakens and searches for the Super Saiyan God. Son Goku becomes the Super Saiyan God and manages to save Earth from destruction. Goku and Vegeta start training under Whis.

Age 779

Frieza is ressurrected and goes to Earth for revenge, ascending to his ultimate transformation. Goku and Vegeta manages to defeat him with their newly acquired Super Saiyan Blue transformation, killing the evil tyrant again, and delivering a heavy blow to the Planet Trade Organization.



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Re: Timeline & Lore

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Age 787
The 29th World Martial Arts Tournament takes place on May 7th: Mr. Satan is the winner, and Mr. Buu comes in second. Mr. Satan's spectacular displays tremendously raise world-wide interest in martial arts and the World Martial Arts Tournament becomes an even more popular sport, immortalizing Mr. Satan and Mr. Buu as stars.

Dende resolves to deactivate the Dragon Balls: Old Kai had already expressed his disapproval of the Dragon Balls considering them to go against the natural order of the universe, and with the world now at peace, Dende worried having active Dragon Balls around may mean putting the Earth at risk.

Age 790-91
Baby Buu is born via the Love-Love Beam: the two parents tear off many pieces from various parts of their body, mix them together, and birth life into the dumpling-shaped pieces by firing the beam into it. This event lead to the later appearance of an entire Majin race.

Age 804
Gohan begins research for his book Groundbreaking Science. This event leads to the creation of Trunks and Goten's Kikoukenjutsu Sword School in the following year, Age 805, and Krillin and Tien's revived Turtle and Crane schools in Age 821. As a result, by Age 1000, many Earthlings have taken up advance martial arts and understand ki control.

Age 805
Trunks and Goten create the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School, which teaches the principle of channeling ki energy through swords to increase strike power.

Age 815
As a final wish, Vegeta goes to New Namek and asks Porunga to restore Planet Vegeta and the saiyans, and is crowned King a few days before his death. Bardock assumes the rulership, becoming the new King of all the Saiyans.

Age 820
Mr. Satan dies. The King of Earth honors him with a national funeral.
The remnants of the Galactic Frieza Army attack Earth for the Dragon Balls, but are defeated with the aid of Trunks and Goten's Kikoukenjutsu Sword School. It is currently unknown if the attack has anything to do with Mr. Satan's death.

Age 860
King Bardock dies, but the Saiyan Empire flourishes, and conquered plenty of state. After that, the super saiyans would become a myth for centuries to come.

Age 934
Evil Namekians begin to spawn eggs. In the area which they live, there is an empty throne, and King Piccolo's "demon" kanji can be seen, ressurrecting the Mazoku caste.

Age 1300
The Kold Empire restore much of his former strength thanks to the Planet Trade Organization, and they start an all-out war against the Saiyan Empire, creating a rivalry that would last for eternity.

Age 1512
During an attack on Vegeta, the planet is destroyed by the Planet Trade Organization, and a groupd of saiyans manage to escape and swear revenge and start looking for the dragon balls of Namek. Among them, there's a baby saiyaness who would eventually become their queen.

The Herans are set free once again.

Age 1525
The saiyans arrive on Namek and fight for the ownership of the wishing orbs. Unable to win, the saiyans propose a treat with the mazoku caste and, with their help, they manage to acquire de dragon balls, restoring Vegeta and ressurrecting many of the saiyan race.

Age 1537
The queen manages to become the first Super Saiyan in centuries, and gains a legendary status.

Natto is born.

Age 1538
Tomoroko is born.

The Herans manage to restore their home planet, Hera.

Age 1548
After reorganizing and reconstructing Vegeta, the saiyans start conquering planets again, in order to increase their power to take revenge on their ancient enemies.

The brenchias are starting to feel unhappy with the Kold Empire.

Age 1549
The Administrator of a Military organization take control over Earth, and the King is but a puppet now.

The earth dragon balls are ressurrected by Kami.

Age 1555
The Second Saiyan-Kold War starts, and the queen marches with a war-party to their capital, Kold No. 01. A Super Saiyan commander in charge of protecting Vegeta leaves for Earth, leaving Natto in charge of the Saiyan Empire.

Age 1556
The strongest human, Bing Gan, becomes assistant to Earth's Kami.

The saiyans win the war, and the Kold demons are utterly defeated, with only a few of them managing to flee and survive. The Planet Trade Organization fall into chaos and is almost completely erradicated.

After defeating the Kold Empire, the saiyans decide to head to Earth to try and conquer it and claim the wishing orbs, but are defeated by the Z-Fighters and the Military. Natto turns his back on the Empire, tired of its evil ways and decides to stay on Earth to find a new purpose in life.

The queen is spared and flee back to Vegeta, where she puts a prize on Natto's head.

Age 1557
The Brenchians plant the Tree of Might, a biological weapon they had been hiding on Kold No. 01, and seize control over the Planet Trade Organization. They start conquering estate that used to belong to the Kold Empire, and many races pledge allegiance to them.

Natto, Tomoroko, Ninjin and Toma found the Reborn Saiyan Alliance, who would later be named only Saiyan Alliance.

The military puts all their effort into rebuilding the cities destroyed by the saiyans, and the population grow weary of them.

Age 1560
Bing Gan ascends and becomes Kami of the Earth. The previous Kami decides to go back to Namek.

Age 1562
After a fight with the Bing, the Kami of Earth, the Saiyan Alliance decide to leave Earth and find a new home.

The military group lead by the Administrator goes bankrupt due to their efforts into rebuilding the planet, and the power is once again restored to the King.

Age 1563
The Saiyan Alliance find a new planet, naming it before its Overseer, Natto, and started developing their society.

The Planet Trade Organization conquered every single planet that once belonged to the Kold Empire, leaving the now poisonous Kold No. 01 to rot.

Age 1565
The Saiyan Empire start losing estate to the Planet Trade Organization, but they are too weakened to fight another war, and have to swallow their pride. The influence of the Empire starts to drop.

Age 1568
Bing Gan suddenly disappears and no one knows the reason behind it. The Earth's dragon balls once again cease to exist.

Age 1575
The Saiyan Empire deploys a squad to attack Planet Natto, aiming for revenge, but the squad is defeated. Miso, the leader of the squad is taken prisoner by his brother, Natto.

Mimikku, a Kagami that lived on Earth sent a message to the Saiyan Alliance, asking for help to free her race. Natto and Tomoroko travel to Earth to negotiate.

The Kold demons find a mysterious way to change the biology of the planet Tree of Might and it becomes the Tree of Life, restoring the atmosphere of Kold No. 01 and generating food. Little by little they start to rebuild their civilization.

Age 1578
The Saiyan-Kagami Alliance goes to Vegeta, and the Alliance-Empire War starts. The Kagami called this war Freedom War. The huge battle between the queen on her ascended super saiyan state against Natto super saiyan three form could be sensed all across the universe, and ended with the death of the queen, and the defeat of the Saiyan Empire.

The kagami race is freed.

Natto and Tomoroko fight against the kagami Emer, and are both killed. Emer goes missing after the fight, and the Saiyan Alliance loses its Overseer and retreats back to Planet Natto, leaving Vegeta scorched by war and without a ruler.

Age 1580
The Kold Empire starts to conquer former Saiyan Empire estate and begins to expand again, thanks to the sheer power of their race. At the same time, the Planet Trade Organization conquers other planets that once belonged to the saiyans, and the Empire loses plenty of its strength and is set into chaos, with saiyans unable to decide who should rule.

Present time.


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