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Technique Rules

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Techniques on this site involve everything from flight, to solar flare, to khamehameha. We have separated all of these techniques by type and by tier, so here is a quick guide on how techniques are divided and how they work!

Offensive techniques
Can't get any more straight forward! Offensive techniques are the skills you use to cause damage to another being. You can create your own style of techniques, or use the one's already in lore, that is totally up to you!

Now, whenever you fire off an offensive technique, it will deal damage according to it's skill level (level 1,2 or 3)if uncharged. What do I mean by uncharged? Well, you can have your character spend a post (or multiple posts) channeling more power into your technique before firing it off! For example, I want to use Khamehameha against my enemy, but I know that 25% of my power level won't cause my enemy any damage, therefore I charge my technique for an extra post, increasing it's strength to 50%! If that is still not enough, I can spend yet another post charging it further, pushing my Khamehameha to 75% of my power level!

You can charge an offensive technique for up to 3 rounds, but be careful, I doubt your enemy will allow you to unleash such a powerful attack on them!

If your charging is interrupted before you are able to release your attack, you will lose the power build up you have gained and will have to start over!

Techniques are divided by levels:

[B1] Level 1 - Basic (Deals 25% of your power level)
[A2] Level 2 - Advanced (Deals 50% of your power level)
[M3] Level 3 - Mastered (Deals 100% of your power level)

You must first learn the 1st level of your technique, before you can learn the second, and finally the third. By learning a higher level of your technique, the base damage starts at a different point. For example, I am using a level 2 Khamehameha against an enemy who is using a level 1 Big Bang attack. (both of our power levels are identical) The Khamehameha would deal 50% damage without having to be charged, while the Big Bang would deal 25% damage, resulting in the Khamehameha winning and breaking through the Big Bang, even if our power levels are the same!

So you see how it is important to level up your techniques, and how important it can be to charge them in battle!

Support techniques

These techniques aren't meant to cause damage, instead these would include techniques like flight, after image and solar flare. They are meant to help your character, or other characters while not inflicting damage on others.

These Techniques are also separated by level and can be upgraded from Level 1 to Level 3. Why would you want to upgrade an ability that does no damage you might ask? Well, the higher the level of your technique, the more powerful it becomes. For example, let's say that I am being attacked by a Level 2 Khamehameha and I want to dodge it using afterimage. Well, I would need my afterimage technique to be Level 2 or higher to successfully dodge (This is assuming our power levels are identical).

Different levels of certain Techniques can also carry out minor variations of the original technique. For example:

[S1] Level 1 - The afterimage technique would allow you to create a single image of yourself in the spot you once where.
[S2] Level 2 - After image would do the same thing, however the image left behind would be left to taunt your enemy, moving as if of it's own free will before vanishing.
[S3] Level 3 - Afterimage would do the same as both Level 1 and Level 2 with an added bonus of creating multiple images of oneself.

This is just an example of what it could do, be creative with your techniques!

Variation Techniques

Variation techniques are ones that diverge from the traditional damaging effect. Normal techniques can be a blast, cutting, piercing or anything like that and they will cause their respective damaging. Variations, on the other hand, can add a specific quality to a tech in exchange for raw power. For example: a character has a B1 tech and wants to add fire properties to it. His next level technique won't be a A2, but instead a V1. The technique will cause normal 33% damage, while also able to burn the target. Other variables are stunning effects, sleeping effects and so forth.

Variations are divided by levels:

[V1] Level 1 - Variation 1 (Deals 25% of your power level plus an additional effect)
[V2] Level 2 - Variation 2 (Deals 50% of your power level plus the previously chosen additional effect)

Special techniques
Special techniques are ones that can only be taught by a master, or by another member who has already learned it. They follow the same levels as offensive and defensive techniques, depending on the technique learned.

Please be sure to visit the Martial Arts School Rules for a list of available special techniques, as well as which schools teach them.

Passive Techniques
Passive technique include your basic Ki blasts as well as your melee combat. Techniques like flight or ki sensing are NOT considered passive.

Techniques can be charged to increase it's strength in battle. The more you charge a technique, the stronger it gets! However, you can only charge a technique up to 3 times before unleashing it!

[B1] Level 1 - Deals 25% of your power level when uncharged
Charge # 1 Increases it's power to 50% of your power level
Charge # 2 Increases it to 75% of your power level
Charge # 3 Increases it to 100% of your power level

[A2] Level 2 - Deals 50% of your power level when uncharged
Charge # 1 Increases it's power to 100% of your power level
Charge # 2 Increases it's power to 150%
Charge # 3 Increases it's power to 200 %

[M3] Level 3 - Deals 100% of your power level
Charge # 1 Increases it's power to 200%
Charge # 2 Increases it's power to 300%
Charge # 3 Increases it's power to 400%

How many techniques can I have?

Let's put it this way;
0-10k PL = 4 offensive tech slots, 2 support techs (Cannot be an M3, V2 or SU3)
11k - 50k PL = 8 offensive tech slots, 3 support techs
51k-100k = 12 offensive tech slots, 4 support techs
101k-150k = 15 offensive tech slots, 6 support techs
151k-200k = 18 offensive tech slots, 8 support techs
201k + = 20 offensive tech slots, 10 support techs

**Any melee tech's learned through a school do not count in this list. They are added in addition to your basic tech slots.**

**Specials can only be learned with a school, or created by a new master. The limit is 2 per character. No more.**

Simple right? Now does that mean you HAVE to use all your tech slots? Absolutely not! If you don't think your character would have that many moves, or you want to take your time learning your skills then by all means do so! ** Don't forget that all techniques must be approved through the technique application thread! **

Learning Techniques
When learning techniques once they've been approved. The player must either in a solo or group(If all participants are fine with it) Role play learning and cultivating the move which will be approved or denied upon effort. Only decent effort required pending tier of the move and qauntity being learned at once. (No ten moves for ten words Razz)
[Note: During Death enabled or Saga Threads you may not learn new moves/And moves should only be learned in topics made after the moves have been approved]
[Secondary Note: During a Group thread only one tech may be learned per thread, if you've acquired permission. During solos you may learn more then just a single move but it requires effort equal to the amount you've learned. All to be accepted or denied upon grading]


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