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Special Positions

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Special Positions

One thing we value the most here is player freedom. While we will have some NPC for some very important and necessary roles to keep the board interesting and alive, most of the positions will be avaliable for the characters to claim. This mean you will be able to become the Kami of Earth, or maybe the King of it, as well as the Emperor of the Arcosian or Saiyan Empire. To be able to do that, it's necessary to reach a certain power level that would justify such a claim.

Together with the main position, we also have a spot for an assitance, be it Kami's assistance, Guru's body guard, Prince of Vegeta, or something. This person will have the same benefits of the main holder of the position. The main difference is that the holder of the position can officially interpose his assistant actions regarding the position held, due to the authority held.

Other important thing to take notice is that some positions are restricted to a race for plot related reasons, for example, the Namekian Guru has to be a namekian, and one of the two holding the Kami position, be it the kami himself or the assistant need to be a namekian in order to allow the dragon balls to exist.

In any case. In order to claim a position, the player has to post an at least 3,000 words thread claiming the title, that can be contested by anyone filling the requirements within 48 hours. If someone contests the claim, the thread will become a DE, where the claim will be decided.


Kami (God of Earth) - Currently Atsuko Inoue

Good Alignment;

50,000 PL;

The guardian of all Earth, considered to be the protective God of the planet. Kami, if namekian or with a namekian assistant, can create the Dragon Balls, thewish granting orbs that grant a wish to whomever can gather all seven. Kami also has access to two other facilities, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and is the guardian of the sacred Holy Water.
Kami Benefits:

Sacred Holy Water: Gives the drinker a once in life PL boost of 10,000, if his power level is equal or below 100,000;

Access to Check-in Station: Kami can go to the check-in station to vouch for a dead warrior, in order to enhance his chance to be trained by the Kais;

Access to Hyperbolic Time Chamber: Twice in life, Kami can grant access to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, where the user can train for a day that's worth a whole year. The user trains on an enviroment similar to a 10G gravity enhanced chamber, with a word limit of 5,000 words and his gains will be multiplied fivefold. ( The use of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber must have reason, such as an impending Saga or a Threat. Your character must have knowledge of this before the Time Chamber is used. Permission to use the Time Chamber MUST be requested and reviewed by the Admin team.)

Kami Assistant's Requirements - Currently Arion

Good Alignment;

5,000 PL;

**At least one of the duo has to be a Dragon Clan Namekian**

King/Queen of the Earth -

Earth related race;

50,000 PL;

The monarch of the Blue Marble, ruler of all the land. Nowadays the position is more allegorical, since he holds no real power. But everything can change...
Monarch Benefits:

Tax Collection: The King/Queen of the Earth receives 500z per week;

Shop Discount: Due to his royal position, the monarch of Earth has a 25% discount on everything on the shop.

Prince/Princess of the Earth's Requirements:

Earth related race;

Family to the King/Queen;

5,000 PL;


Elder-Guru -

Good Alignment;

Dragon Clan Namekian;

50,000 PL;

The patriarch of the namekians and their ruler. He has the ability to create the Real Dragon Balls, that are far more powerful than their earthling version, as well the power to heal people of most injuries and to unlock their true potential.
Guru's Benefits:

Healing Touch: Guru's touch can fully heal any injury and even restore limbs (except Saiyan tail);

Access to Check-in Station: Guru can go to the check-in station to vouch for a dead warrior, in order to enhance his chance to be trained by the Kais;

Dimensional Telepathy: The namekian Guru can use his telepathy all across the universe, as well as alternative dimensions and the afterlife;

Unlock Potential: Once in life, Guru can unlock the true potential of a person, doesn't matter how strong they are, giving them a 20,000 PL boost.

Guru's Guardian Requirements:

Good Alignment;

Warrior Clan Namekian;

20,000 PL;


Overseer of the Alliance -
The elected ruler of the Alliance, and leader of the largest saiyan faction on the universe. Despite their love for battle, the Alliance doesn't care about conquering planets and focus on destroying threats to the saiyan race on the universe. They are enemies with the Planet Trade Organization.

Saiyan or Hybrid (Saiyan dominant);

100,000 PL;

Alliance Overseer Benefits:

Tributes: The alliance overseer earns 500z a weak from the tributes collect;

Tail Regeneration: The Alliance developed a healing tank capable of restoring the lost tail of a saiyan. This machine requires a lot of supplies to work, so that regenerating a tail costs 500z;

Alliance Counselor Requirements:

Saiyan or Hybrid (Saiyan dominant);

10,000 PL;


King/Queen of Vegeta -
The ruler of all the saiyans, the mightiest warrior of the universe, or so they claim. This ruthless ruler has access to top tier Saiyan technology to enhance his/her troops, as well as collect tributes from his/her subjects.

Saiyan or Hybrid (Saiyan dominant);

100,000 PL;

Saiyan Monarch Benefits:

Tributes: The saiyan king/queen earns 500z a week from the tributes collect;

Holographic Moon: With his technology, the saiyan monarch can equip any ship from his troops with a one-use only fake holographic moon, that can only be destroyed if the whole ship is destroyed;

Saiyan Prince/Princess Requirements - Currently @bleach678

Saiyan or Hybrid (Saiyan dominant);

10,000 PL;


Kold Emperor -
The ruler of the Kold Empire, lord of the fierce changelings, that are once again rising from the ashes of their doom to claim their role as the ultimate rulers of the universe.

Kold demon;

100,000 PL.

Kold Emperor's Benefits:

Everlasting Wealth: The Kold Emperor earns 500z a week from his lifelong fortune interests;

Training Facility: The members of the Kold Empire have access to a very special training facility, that works like a Training Dojo, but with a 30% bonus to PL gains, instead of 20%.

Prince of Kold's Requirements:

Kold demon;

50,000 PL.

Planet Trade Organization

PTO's Viceroy -
After separating from the Kold Empire after the fall of Arcose, the Brenchians and some other races that served under the Frost Demons took over most of the estate and ressurrected the Planet Trade Organization, choosing an elected leader to oversee their activities.
PTO's Viceroy Requirements:

PTO related race (Except Kold demon);

50,000 PL.

PTO's Viceroy Benefits:

Large Estate: Due to the huge wealth of the Planet Trade Organization, it's Viceroy earns 500z a week;

Seed of the Tree of Might: Since they separated from Kold, the PTO managed to acquire the seed of the Tree of Might with it's fearsome power. Whenever planted, the Tree of Might will start draining the planet and generating fruits that will grant a 10,000 PL boost to whomever eats it. The Tree needs 7 full days to grow to it's fullest and generates one fruit every day. When it finishes its cicle, it dies and, together with it, the planet where it was planeted, generating a new seed.

PTO's Counsel Requirements:

PTO related race (Except Kold);

5,000 PL.

Demon Realm
Makaio Overlord (King/Queen)

Requirement: Evil Alignment, 50,000 PL;

The Ruler of the Demon realm, considered to be the more vile of all demons. The King/Queen does not need to remain in the underworld to rule it as there are many loyal subjects who would protect the throne. Anyone out of line will no doubt be killed immediately. The King/Queen is one of the only demon's able to create dimensional rifts from the demon realm to the living realm and are the only one's with access to the cursed water.

Suppression: The demon overlord can demand 500z/week from their subjects.

Cursed Water: Gives the drinker a once in life PL boost of 10,000, if his power level is equal or below 100,000. If the drinker is not a demon, then they will become tainted by Demonic blood. (granted access to Makyo Star but with only a x3 benefit)

Access to Check-in Station: The Demon King/Queen can go to the check-in station to vouch for a dead warrior, in order to enhance his chance to be trained by the Dark Kais;

Sword of Janemba: Can create a rift in space to travel from one dimension/planet to another instantly. Can only be used 2x/month and can only transform 2 people at a time.


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