Race Creation Template

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Race Creation Template

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:45 am

{{First things this is to be included with your character profile for a new race. This will be the second or third post depending on the size of your profile.}}

Insert Race Name Herei

Starting Planet: Free Space

Starting Power: 600-800 For Alien A
1000-1200 Alien B
400-700 Alien C

Appearance: {Include 2-4 Paragraphs for the Racial Features. Please include what Half Breeds would have for appearances.}

Background: {Include at minimum 4 paragraphs of history of the race.}

Name Pun Theme(s):
{Most the races of Dragonball have a pun to their races names. Look at the site canon races for examples.

Unique Characteristics:

{{This is where you are given the most freedom but expect to make changes to balance off the race to the others within the site canon. Can have up to 5 abilities of differing strengths here. }}
{Here is the meat and Potatoes of the race template.}
{Alien A must have a scaling set of power tiers. The Kagami and Humans are a good example for a template to follow.}

{Alien B must follow a set path where they start off a little stronger than others then shift along the power tiers and become more middle of the road. Follow the example of the Kold Demons for this.}

{Alien C starts off as the lower tier but they also have a massive transformation based upon Celestial Events. Look at Saiyans and Demons for the power and transformation. Celestial Event for this race is always the 20th through 29th of each month.}


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