Character Transfers

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Character Transfers

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:14 am

Character Transfers

Do you have a character from another DragonBall Z related site that you just do not want to see go? That you have put so much effort into you cannot bring yourself to create a whole new character, or to start the same character from scratch?
Well, here's your chance to transfer your character to this board and continue your story in our world.

What you need to do:

Create your character in the Character Application board just like you would create a new character. At the end of your character application, please state that this is a character transfer, and from what RP board you are transferring it from.
Please include a link back to the original character profile on your character application.
Please post a link to your current character application in this thread.
As soon as you are done your application, a member of staff will review your application and discuss any necessary changes that may apply to this board.

Any character transferred will be transferred to with 7,500 Power Level and 2,500 Zeni


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