Elemi race

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Elemi race

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The Elemi (l - EE - me)

(Credited, To Flare/Darkus)
Starting Planet: Anywhere

Starting Power: 800

Appearance: Depending on their Elemental properties, Elemi can have a wide range of hair color, skin tones, skin colors, and overall looks. In a general sense though they are all very average sized humanoids with no particularly jarring physical features besides the abstract amount of variances that can appear within the race. Their hair and skintone usually matches closely to the element of their relation. Emotions often have a physical effect on the Elemi, unlike most races, as strong emotions of any kind can trigger a sort of visual effect from the Elemi; A fire Elemi's hair firing up as they become embarassed, a lightning Elemi sparking as they get angry, etc etc.

Due to the nature of their history they were known to have donned clothing that looks reminiscent of olden pre-tech armor. Recent years have brought up light to the almost-dormant Elemi as they welcomed with open arms the more advanced armor of the time. So, they aptly adapted their style into them to retain the look of the old while accepting the use of expanding and super-durable space armor.

Hybrids from Elemi are often less diverse in color and emotional spur than the whole-blooded parent due to the mixing of blood. Indeed, the hybrid Elemi will probably look more like the other race rather than their Elemi parent as the main attribute usually physically expressed by the offspring will be their flare-ups.


Elemi originated from an Earth-like planet only known by the name Es-03. It's very unclear how the race came to be or how they managed to keep around despite their home-planet having been deemed inhospitable millenniums ago. They didn't have the tech nor neighbors around to transport the Elemi from their hostile lands, so the records say. The race was thought to have been gone entirely for at least that long. Any of these records are nearly gone, only known by what we can see of the Elemi today. It's to be believed this race had somehow made their way out of the Galaxy and back in.

The Modern Elemi are known for their warrior-like disposition towards everyone, including their own. Unlike most warrior people, they end to be more passionate to other strives as well as being empathetic towards those who cannot fight. This is just a general rule of their societies however, as these people come in almost as much of an abundance of flavors as humans do. Most, if not all of them, are unique in most ways and alike in a few. Mainly because the Elemi's race are based around the elements of the Universe and their abilities surrounding them. This weird trait is only slightly hereditary, as Parent Elemi cannot expect their child to be of the same element as they are. It's within their early childhood that they receive their element by chance and in turn their true name. Until then, all are born of grey and dull color, given less traditional names.

The Elemi have not been around again for more than a century. They've taken just long enough to be introduced into the Galactic society and assimilated into the more modern life that everyone lived in. Well, mostly. Several Elemi claim to be in their 200's, and all within them agree that the race has a decent lifespan. Surprising enough is the fact that some of the three-digits still looked to be in their prime. Such strange creatures.

The Modern Elemi have taken from a lot of various races to form what they call their culture. Given this observation, it was clear that they seem very observant and intelligent by nature. Absorbing details about not only others, but themselves, to be able to mold what is considered today to be "A warrior race with some finesse and empathy". They have little qualms with any others as a whole, again coming to the point of how much variance there is within the race. They're mercenaries, doctors, warriors, scientists, engineers, anything you could possibly mold out of them. Some, due to their elemental nature, are obviously more suited for certain tasks. However, nothing really stops an Elemi from doing something other than... well, others.

Name Pun Theme(s):
Most Elemi names are puns based off elemental attributes (Ex: Amber, Cinder, Aerth) or off scientific elements (Ex: Copper, Chlorine, Xenon). The pun doesn't necessarily have to relate to their element of possession.

Unique Characteristics:
Well-attuned Powerhouses - +2 to Offensive PL. (Note: This is already figured into the transformation tree as well)

Fight to Learn - The Elemi have 5% increased PL gains.

Enrage - Elemi have very strong connections to their element at hand and their emotions. Attached by a physical 'spark' that will physically trigger should their emotions be strong enough. Sometimes anger can allow the Elemi to go beyond its normal capacity. It takes a special bit of training to be able to to get this to happen by will. [x5 Offensive/x3 Defensive*] (30k+ for controlled use.)

Super Elemi - Some strong bonds with nature and emotions are great enough to cause the Elemi to show off their element brilliantly. There's been very few thus far in records to show off this much capacity for power. Depending on the element they represent, their bodies will flare up with lightning shocks, fiery shows, watery sights, and much more. There's no telling where this power within comes from, only the knowledge that they possess it. {125k+} [x16/x14]

Attuned Super Elemi - Trained properly the Super Elemi form can be properly balanced and less straining to the user. They in turn have better control over their techniques and body alike. This Super Elemi form is much less flashy compared to its predecessor. {Requires [SU1] Ki Suppression} {185k+} [x23/x21]

Unleashed Super Elemi - Bigger, flashier, and more dangerous than ever. The Super Elemi form is stepped up a notch by shrouding their entire form in a colored frame matching their element's color scheme as well as turning their elemental showcasing up to 11. This colored frame glows brightly as an outline around their body. The Offensive power gained from this is impressively stepped up from their Super Elemi form. {265k+} [x31/x25]

Master of the Element - They've begun a grand transformation, having absorbed the fuel used to awaken their super form the Elemi calm down as their hair changes to a nice brand of their element's flavor. Hair literally turned to fire, for example. This is a persistant change that keeps with them. {350k+} [x35/x33 Perm]

Elemental Deity - Their bodies, instead of releasing more and more of their inner element, instead conceal it within. In addition to the godly hair their eyes's whites changed to a bold color representing their element to signify that they have mastered themselves. Is that not a trial everyone must take? {435k+} [x48/x46 Perm]


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