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Planet Brench

Starting Power: 1000

Appearance: Members of this race are humanoids of varying skin colors ranging from red to blue. They tend to have light colored hair, almost white. They are usually in shape due to the heavy gravity of their planet, requiring quite a lot of strength to

Background: Brenchians are a belligerent race, that, for as long as their scholars can remember, has been into the planet trade business. Millennia ago, their planet was conquered by the Kold demons, and renamed, and they served the Planet Trade Organization as powerful commanders for ages to come. However, with the fall of Planet Kold, after the war against the Saiyans, they finally had an opportunity to become the ones in charge of the renowned organization, since the Kold demons were on the brink of extinction.

In a masterful play, the brenchians took over control of the Planet Trade Organization, and subjugated the fleeing Kold demons without any mercy. Most of the races that belonged to the organization sided with the brenchians, as they were also tired of the abuses they suffered. With that, they restored their planet name to Brench once again, and started their new age as a race to be feared and respected.

Name Examples:
Jeice, Salza, Niyusu.

Unique Characteristics:
Lightning Reflexes: Brenchians are incredibly agile. Their reflexes are so fast that they can dodge attacks that others would find impossible. {Once per thread, when using an afterimage technique, a brenchian adds a bonus of 10% to the skill. This bonus grows another use per thread for every 60k PL}.

Gravitational Environment: A brenchian is used to intense gravity, therefore, whenever they have to endure an enhanced gravity, they feel more at ease with them. {A brenchian can start gravity training at x30 times Earth’s gravity}.

Speeding Bullet: A brenchian has an edge on fighting due to being used to an intense gravity on their home planet, that altered their genetics to allow them to tap into amazing speed. {Whenever a brenchian is on their home planet of Brench or in a gravity enhanced area of similar intensity, they gain a + x2 PL to their defensive PL, due to enhanced speed. Note: This doesn't not work in gravity training threads or while on their home planet of Brench}

Quick Attack: Tapping into their innate speed and power, a brenchian can double their strength to fight. This fearsome ability made them the top dogs of the Planet Trade Organization. [x2]

Mach Dash:When reaching an a higher power, the brenchian can channel his ki energy into strenghtening his whole body to a whole new level. This spur of speed and power is extremely tiring. {50k+} [x9]

Ascended Brenchian: When they refine their ki energy, a brenchian is able to permanently increase their potential. This power allows them to avoid the side effects of his previous transformations. Requites Ki Suppression [S1] {140k+] [x18 Perm]

Super Mach Dash: When an ascended brenchian uses their ability to channel their ki energy into their bodies, they can unleash an amazing power that is quite risking. This form changes their appearance, as their body begins to glow with a bright light similar to their skin tone. They become so fast that their body shakes. {250k} [x24]

Flashing Brenchian: This form was first seen when the brenchians rebeled agains the Kold Empire. Their body starts to shake so much that sometimes it seems like he is about to split into two individuals. Their body pulsates with a glowing light, and their ki aura emits red and blue lighting sparkles. {330k} [x35]

Lightning Brenchian: Legend says that when a brenchian reach their full potential, they are capable of surpassing the speed of light. If that's true or nor, no one knows, but one thing is certain: a Lightning Brenchian is a fearsome opponent. {425k+} [x45]


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