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Kagami race

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Starting Planet: Free Space

Starting Power: 600-800

Appearance: Kagami are very much like most races within the galaxy, they have the shape of a human body. They however possess hair in which, by birth is a natural opalescent type hair. Normally white when the light isn't shining on it, the hair turns into a grand ballad of colors, making it seem as if their hair, was dyed every imaginable color you could think of, depending on which side of them you faced, you'd be greeted with different colors, and other unnatural things. Most of the race however, is born with pale skin, and are rarely outside due to the fact, they were once the natural slaves to the saiyan. One feature that remains the same with any Kagami, is the dark blood red eyes they have, in which is abnormal to any other species they've seen so far.

Half breeds are normally stricken with the same blood red eyes of their parents. Though their hair seemingly will take whatever dominant trait there is from the non Kagami’s side. The skin tone of the half breeds are also twinged more toward the non kagami parent.

Background: Kagami where originally a race that existed before the Saiyan's came to the new planet Aridot. They had been safe from others on their home world, as it seemed no one had taken an interest in it as of late, till one fateful day, a series of pods landed on their planet. The Saiyans had arrived, some of them being the same height as the Kagami, and some being greatly taller had arrived that day. That when everything changed for the Kagami, they had lived their lives freely but now they where fighting for their lives. Each day the saiyans would send more of their kind to the planet, simply an invasion of sorts, pushing the Kagami back into the caves, their houses and lands destroyed. This went on for about twenty years till the Saiyan had finally won their victory. It wasn't much of a war to begin with though, as the Kagami possessed no technology to fight back, nor did they have ways to deal with the giants that loomed over them.

Over the next hundred years or so, the Kagami had resigned from fighting, becoming slaves for the saiyans, such as the few survivors being taken back to the saiyans home world Vegeta.. They worked endlessly for them, each day people could see a Kagami working on the streets, building some houses for them, or tending to the food source. Such as a farm or even sometimes they had live stock, that the saiyan's had stolen from another planet. There was still some fighting between Rebels of the Kagami and the Saiyans, but when the rebel would start up, it was shortly put out. The Kagami gradually became docile towards the saiyans, and it seemed that even the saiyans aggression towards them died down, apparently the Kagami had made a public life in the saiyans, they happened to be accepted among them, though still as slaves with no rights like them, they had a nice little thing going for them, they worked as a slave, got a place to sleep, and something to eat. They even started to allow some Kagami to follow a younger saiyan, towards the training camps, though they'd often use them as a fighting subject, it was the same for those younger saiyans learning to fight, this was also beneficial because for the very first time, Kagami's where being taught how to fight.

After about two hundred years or so, the Kagami had gained a small hold in the saiyan population, every saiyan home, had at least one Kagami in it, the hostility between the two races had ceased, and each had been able to adapt to having another in it's midst. The Saiyans which where protective of their property, where fairly kind to their Kagami, though there where some that hired them, just to have something to torture. Most Saiyans however loved having a Kagami in the house, some males got lonely and took in a female Kagami, it wasn't a bad deal, because sometimes it become a true love, and they would often get engaged, this meant that Kagami's now had a right to become part of the system. Though they'd get no higher then low class privileges, it was still better, than living as a slave. Because it allowed you to access things, that no Kagami could, better medical treatment, and sometimes you'd be lucky and gain access to different type of weaponry to defend yourself from another Saiyan.

Up until the great rallying cry and subsequent war, Kagami and Saiyans lived side by side, the aggressive apes, had calmed down slightly after taking over this new planet, and over the courses of several hundred years, they had begun to see the Kagami as a former them. They had been slaves once themselves, and had been nearly destroyed by a single being, though no one could remember that person now. Kagami's now had a rightful place within the saiyan society, some of which are born with a saiyan parent, others of which are born into slavery, possess a chance to eventually climb the ladder, as other slaves had done, and be granted a place. Though most Kagami avoided that all together now, as the Saiyan's allowed the Kagami to join their army, though be it, as fodder. They would be sent in first, to check out a planet, and ninety-nine percent of those that went in, never came back. Those that did, where sent either right back out to a new planet, or been stationed to clean the barracks, which is not a pleasant thing to do for saiyans.

All of the status quot stayed this way until thirty years ago. When a pair of free Kagami alongside the Saiyan Alliance managed to free Aridot from the sadistic overseers. Upon taking control of the planet the now crowned leader Mimikku ordered all saiyans off the planet if they where not married to the Kagami that they where staying with. A bit of surprise crossed her when the majority of the saiyan population instead of leaving pledged to live in peace with the Kagami. They had grown accustomed to the people and some had begun to marry which thanks to Mimikku’s actions only intensified those efforts. In the last thirty years only the fighter that had been at the Queen’s side has been forgotten as if by some plan. The queen has ruled well and has made peace after the brief war with the reformed Saiyan Empire/Alliance.

Name Pun Theme(s):
A Kagami, must have their names similar to a reflection. As such depending on where you where living, If with Arcostians, you'll be their opposite such as Heat names. (Sun, Infra etc.) If with saiyans, you'll be named after Fruits instead of vegetables.

Unique Characteristics:

Angelic Age: Through the blessing of their goddess, Irith, a Kagami typically live twice as long as a saiyan does. For Saiyan's this is extremely beneficial because instead of picking up a new Kagami every hundred years or so, when the last one died off, they found that this species could live till their children have grown into full adults, and even then their children could use the same Kagami till they died.

Slaves: While not slaves anymore there are still many out within the galaxy that remain slaves to the other races out there. Especially within the Kold Empire.

Mimic: As their name suggest, they are able to mimic other races, due to this they have a special ability, that allows them to copy 1 move from a single fight. This is not a permanent gain, but instead the move they mimic, can either be used to counteract the attack, or be used as an attack for themselves. (1 time per fight.) {{ The Mimic attack if drawn from a stronger attack will downgrade the attack to be equal to 133% the Kagami’s current power level. If used on a defensive technique it will deflect up to 133% of their current maximum power level. }} {{{A full blooded Kagami can learn a technique mimicked in this manner if they have an open tech slot except for Special Techniques.}}}

Blood Bonded: As Kagami’s tend to live and work with one family for multiple generation a bond develops between them and their masters. This bond manifests in a strange way depending on the Kagami. While some grow in size and physical strength others gain the ability to greater control Ki. {{ Gain a single .25x bonus to an attack be it physical or ki based in nature. }}

Greater Physical prowess: Due to living with the Saiyans for so long before their freeing. The Kagami have developed something quiet similar to Zenkai, though a bit weaker. {1% Zenkai upon Near Death Experiences. DE/Saga threads only}

Mimikku and Emer have found two different Branches of transformations for the Kagami. The Path of Harmony, and the Path of Destruction.

Path of Harmony Transformations:
Kagami have come to accept their goddesses, and live in perfect harmony with them. Through this they gain a stronger boost at the beginning of the game, but drop off towards the end. As they've tapped into most of their goddesses power before hand. This path is for Neutral/Good characters

Irith's Blessing: The basic transformation for the Kagami. Injures the Kagami when they are weak but due to being in Harmony with the goddess within there is a shorter recovery time. This is a single power boost to a single attack from the Kagami. [x4]

Mastered Irith’s Blessing: At 40k power the Kagami can learn to overcome the drawback to the Goddess’ chant and the power they take in. Turns the Blessing into a sustainable transformation. {40k+} [x6]

Awakening: The Kagami becomes more in tune with their inner goddess. At this level the Kagami can effortlessly speak with and interact with the goddess within. {80k+} [x8]

Mastered Awakening: At this point the differences between the Kagami and the goddess within are starting to blur. As the pair of them have become the greatest of allies with one another to preserve one another’s life. {120k+} [x11]

Enlightenment: The goddess within the Kagami begins to explain the history of their people and where they came from. The Kagami at this point begin to exhibit the first signs of becoming one with the goddess within. {160k+} [x13]

Perfect Harmony: Goddess and Kagami are now one within the former Kagami’s body. Mind and body transform into a singular being. The combined being gains extended life beyond that even of the long lived Kagami. It is at this point where the goddesses explain where it is that they came from and give all of the divine Shin-jin energy they have changing the Kagami and goddess. This is a permanent transformation and the Kagami loses all of the previous tiers of transformation. {220k+} [PERM x25]

Mastered Harmony: Pushing themselves even farther the Kagami/Goddess has found a way to draw out even more power out of their internal ki. As if drawing from the eternal Shin-jin energies. Their ki transforms when in this state to mimic that of the kai’s. {280k+} [x32]

Pure Soul: The Kagami/Goddess have gone to the purest stage. Nearly Mimicking the Kai’s in purity the Kagami is at their strongest form. {360k+} [44x / 46x] [[The 46x transformation is only available if the Pure souled Kagami died or was defeated during a Saga]]

Path of Destruction Transformations:
The user abandons the goddesses, and relies on his own power. This causes them to be weaker in the beginning, but due to not tapping into the goddesses strength and power, they have it at their disposal for later in the game. This path is one for Neutral/Evil characters.

Irith's Blessing: The basic transformation for the Kagami. Injures the Kagami when they are weak but due to being in Harmony with the goddess within there is a shorter recovery time. This is a single power boost to a single attack from the Kagami. [x2]

Mastered Irith’s Blessing: At 40k power the Kagami can learn to overcome the drawback to the Goddess’ chant and the power they take in. Turns the Blessing into a sustainable transformation. {40k+} [x4]

Doppelganger: The user Gains the appearance of the opponent. During this time, their body morphs to make an artificial looking clone of the enemy. But it also is in negatives, meaning the opposite of the color scheme. So Red would become Pink, White would be black, Blue would be purple. Etc. {80k+} [x6]

Mastered Doppelganger: The Kagami now becomes an exact clone of the opponent. No longer do they look like a negative version of their opponent. {120k+} [x10]

Enraged: The user become berserk. His hair turns into a red hue, and his body nearly doubles in height and muscle size. Known in Celtic religion as the berserker mode, this form makes the user forget about his own body, and allies. The user is like a raging Oozaru in this form. {160k+} [x13]

Goddesses Image: This form, the body reverts it's shape to look like the goddess held within the Kagami's body. This form is not permanent like the other, as the two are not in perfect Harmony with one another. {220k+} [25x]

Mastered Fakeout: The goddess' form has begun to distort and twist underneath the power of the Kagami. The Kagami has started to draw upon the very essence of the goddess within. With enough use it will kill the goddess within. {280k+} [30x]

Mimic: Copy 1 transformation from another race completely. Warning once you copy a form, you can no longer change this form. It will be replaced with the said transformation, and you'll be stuck with it forever. Such as if you copy an acrosians true form, and get smaller, when you look at your forms, the true form will be placed here. Just make sure it's what you want. {360k+} [x46 / 48x]


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