Androids and Cyborgs

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Androids and Cyborgs

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Starting Power Level: 1500

Mechanical beings or those that rely on mechanics could fall into this category. Ranging from cyborgs (beings once organic and now with machines attached), to pure sentient machine. In either case they can range in looks and models from creator to creator.

These can also extend to a point to those seeking the usage of mechanical superiority over organic life. But lack the spirit for surgery. Such as those who use mecha suits or any tech to do the fighting for them. Learning to coincide with machinery to become powerful. Whether this be a full sized mech or just a suit of powered mechanical armor. Many find various ways to show how machinery stands above its organic counterparts.

Due to the various forms of robotics and scientific minds across the galaxy its hard to give a true history to these beings. Their origins can be vast and range to as many stories as there are cultures of science. It's said that as long as men of science have sought power and to escape their meager forms,Many would turn to science. Over the ages several various visions of mechanical marvels have sparked into creation.

Its said that not even great arcosians are spared in the race of perfection when compared to mechanical marvels. Even the Kold empire itself has known to have great expansive technical break throughs in engineering to save their own kind in the past with such efforts. Could as well with the fact that each and every planet throughout time is always advanding weaponry we can only imagine what new dawn awaits these mechanical wonders. Be it your body or just the suit you wear.

All characters who use mechanical means of fighting, such as robots and power amour fall into this category

Unique Characteristics:

Electric Energy- Due to androids and mechanical beings relying on mechanical power rather then actual Ki they are not as easily discovered. They cannot be sensed like other organics. However scouters still seem to be able to pick up their electric signatures. Making a estimate on their power all the same
[Androids cannot be sensed, But can be noticed and scanned via scouters]

Mechanical superiority- Androids possess the ability to take far more a beating then one with flesh and blood. Able to be broken into bits suffer crushed limbs and still keep moving unhindered aside from the destroyed components. It's possible for one of these beings to be able to retain the ability of speech and survive even having its head torn off. Pending the model of course.
[Once per thread, An android has the ability to add a +(x1) To their pl defensively. Allowing them to be better prepared defensively for a turn.]

Rebuild- After the death or destruction of these mechanical marvels. An android has the option to have their bodies rebuilt through various means. Rather it range from a new body or a new mecha suit. Anything thing can be fixed if you are prepared for it.
[For a small fee. A android can avoid going to the after life upon death via the android shop]


Base Model Plus: After so long any machine needs a little work. With some tinkering and a few new parts here and there. Usually only peeking into the possible advancement for such beings. {5k Zeni} [x5 perm]

Update: The second transformation for the androids gets a little more in depth. Going more towards their inner workings. Trying to update if not replaces various components at this stage in advancement. {10k Zeni} [x12 perm]

Secondary Update: At this stage in advancing if here was organic parts still within the mechanical creature. They are slowly fading away. Being systematically replaced with a more advanced and desirable piece of machinery. {15k Zeni} [x18 perm]

Dues Ex: The path to perfection begins to become noticed. As at this point in the game its starts to be see just how far such androids can be advanced. With a clear sight and vision forming they begin to morph into their own technological marvels and masterpieces. {20k Zeni} [x23 perm]

Mechanical Ascension: Nearing a state of complete perfection nothing at this point would likely still remain of its original frame. Through various research and experience all of the original parts replaced with more highly advanced mechanics. In some cases the form being more so a preparation for the soon peek they can achieve. {35K Zeni} [x35 perm]

Mechanical Perfection: The final form of these grand machines. Each one in their own a thing of beauty and terror. Machines that stand far above any organic in life span and durability. After a life of study and searching the galaxy for technology and knowledge. The ending result is bodies that can only be described as perfection in the mechanical world. {60k Zeni} [x45 perm]


From time to time new androids are created. Not always made from people, but from those who have fallen and would not survive without some mechanical intervention. This being said, it is now possible for most species to be returned to life or at least a form of life with a new mechanical body or extreme modifications.

[At the price of 3,000z Any character except Majin's can turn themselves into an android. Note however, this is a permanent switch and the character could only be switched back to their original form via the dragon balls. The user would keep their PL and items but would have to switch over to the android racial rules and earn the transformations via Zeni purchases.]


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