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Half Breed's

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Half Breeds


Starting Power-level: 700

Hybrids are a mix between different humanoid races, therefore, their appearance is based on the races of both parents. Sometimes a hybrid will have a more dominant appearance of one parent, but it is very variable.

Mixing blood is quite common around the universe, as the genome of many races are compatible to a certain degree. Hybrids are famous for their innate potential, being quite tenacious and talented due to their genetics, that usually take the best of their parents into account. They come from tons of different backgrounds, either being accepted on their both their races society, or as an outcast.

Interbreedable Races:
Humans, Saiyans, Herans, Brenchians, Kagami and Demons.

Unique Characteristics:
A Hybrid gains the abilities and weaknesses of their two parental species, though to a diluted extent.

Part-Human: Gain techniques 1 extra offensive technique and 1 extra support technique, +250 extra starter Zeni and +5% on every zeni thread.

Part-Saiyan: A slightly weaker version of the Zenkai, and Tail Weakness.

Part-Heran: A weaker Mercenary Heart {+5% zeni gain} and Thirst for Battle {half the bonus and half the penalty}.

Part-Brenchian: A weaker version of Lightning Reflexes {5%} and Speeding Buller {half the bonus}.

Part-Kagami: Gain Angelic Age and a weaker Blood Bonded {.15x bonus}.

Part-Demon: A weaker version of Makyo Powered {x3 PL for the attack} and one free extra technique at character creation.

Hybrids transformation tree is based upon their dominant race, that have to be state upon creation. However, although they can attain their transformation faster than most, their transformation is slightly weaker. A Hybrid can attain their transformation 10k PL earlier, but the transformation multiplier is -x1, meaning that a Saiyan Hybrid will be able to transform into a Super Saiyan at 90K PL, but his multiplier will be only x11.

The sole exception to this rule is event based transformation, like Great Ape and Makyo Star, as it keeps the same multiplier.

On top of that, they have one other special transformation:

Hidden Power- Due to their genetics, the hybrid can tap into an extreme power surge whenever they are angered. It's like an outburst of ki energy that lasts for just a few seconds before they manage to master this potential. When they become stronger and learn to refine their ki energy, the hybrid can fully control this ability and tap into this power for longer periods of time and without the need of rage. Becomes Mastered Power {Requires Ki Suppression [S1] and 20k+} [x5]


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