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Starting Planet: Namek

Starting Power Level: 1000

Namekians are a green skinned humanoid race that somewhat resemble slugs. They have antennae on their head that are used to communicate with one another silently. Their bodies usually are lean as they survive mostly off of water and have no need to eat any food. The Namekian’s body is extremely elastic and can stretch and retract with ease. Because of their unique physiology their blood is purple. It is usually easy to assume what a Namekian does for a living based on their height, weight and build. The taller and leaner Nameks are usually the warriors while the smaller and more rotund ones are normally the elders and healers.

The Namekians are a peaceful race, yet even within their society there is a caste of warriors that rival even the saiyans in power.
The Warrior Caste are proud defenders of New Namek. Capable of great feats that many others would not understand.
The Dragon Caste is the healers and magic users of the Namekians. This caste is also where the mystical Dragonballs come from. Wish granting orbs that have been fought over for millennia and now the Namekians guard them with their lives against Tyrants and Heroes alike.

Unique Characteristics:
Regeneration: This is a unique feature for the Namekians. Being able to regenerate lost limbs and even in some cases entire sections of ones body. It requires focus from the Namekian in order to accomplish this feat. [This is a once per thread trait, that increases in use by one for every 50k PL]

Flexibility: Some Namekian’s primarily those of the Warrior Caste have shown the ability to stretch their arms and legs to help strike an opponent at range or to push away said opponent.

Fusion: You gain 30% of the PL that the willing other participant had alongside all techniques known by them. If used on an NPC character you will gain 1% of your own personal pl and no other techniques unless you are learning a technique inside of said thread and have shown the absorbed NPC using it in the past.

Warrior Clan Namekian: gain the Great Namek Transformation passively instead of having to learn it.

Dragon Clan Namekian: gain an ability to boost a defensive skill they have by a x1.

Demon Clan Namekian: gain either their choice of Great Demon form or a x1 to an ability of their choice for damage.

Great Namek - Because of the elasticity of their bodies Namekians may increase their body size up to five times their original size. Warrior Caste Namekians use this to intimidate and fight against enemies of the Namekians. Dragon Clan Namekians must learn this from a Warriors Caste Nameikan in order to use. [x4]

Power Enhanced Namekian - Within this form there is no outward change to the namekian like there is with the Great Namek. This is the most common status for most of the warriors and guards across Namek. {30k+} [x6]

Fused Namekian - Requires a single absorption of a PC or NPC Namekian. This is something of a last ditch effort maneuver for the Namekians as it takes two beings and forces one to concede their life to another. Turning the pair into a single entity of much greater strength capable of great feats. {120k+] [x15 Perm]

Super Namekian - This is something of the legend of the Warrior Caste. A legend of a great warrior who stood among the strongest in the galaxy with ease. Fighting alongside many warriors in the eons until their passing. {180k+} [x24]

Mastered Namekian - This form is supposed to be just a legend. A tale spoken of in reverence to only a few Namekians to have ever existed. In order to attain this state it is said that a Namekian needs to fuse with another pure hearted Namekian and be strong enough in body and mind to purify the soul that joined with their own. Once joined this new Namekian would become a great force for the betterment for the Namekians. Legend has it that it was this Namekian that cleared away the most dangerous of beasts on the original Namek. {350k+} [x34]

Legendary Namekian - This is sole legend of all Namekians. This is the one that first created Porunga and the Dragon Balls based off of his own powerful energies. He brought the healing ways and the warrior ways to the Namekians and banished the demonic side of their culture from their midst in a single day. This singular NAmekian is never named and is only a faint legend amongst their people. Even the mighty Guru’s of NAmek fear if this Namekian would return twisted against their original form. {440k+} [x45]


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