Kold Demon (Freiza Race)

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Kold Demon (Freiza Race)

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Kold Demons

Planet Kold

Starting Power: 2700

The Kold Demon's race is really peculiar and appear to come straight out of nightmares. On their suppressed form they have whitish bio-armor and gems on their body, as well as horns and their skin are on cold tones. When they reach their true form, they usually lose their horns and their body become cleaner.

Some clay that the Kold Demon are the strongest natural race of the universe, and they are feared by everyone on the universe, to the point that the Galactic Patrol won't even interfere with their business. They love power and conquering and, over the ears, they managed to create a large Empire that only recently was almost destroyed.

Name Examples:
King Kold, Cooler, Frieza, Chilled, Froze.

Unique Characteristics:
Lords of Space: Kold demons are fully capable of surviving in the vacuum of space! They don't need to breath and are not affected by any ill-effect of being exposed to it.

Durability: Due to their amazing biology, Kold demons are far more capable of surviving serious injuries than other races. Therefore, they gain an additional +[x1] modifier to their defensive capabilities in any transformed form. They can freely become an android instead of dying.

Innate Power: The Kold demons are so strong that they usually suppress their true power. Whenever a Kold demon completes a thread within any of its suppressed forms, he will gain an additional 10% PL bonus for his first form, 5% for his second form, and 2,5% for his third form when the thread is graded. However, should they use their true form, they willreceive a - 10% PL penalty instead. If they change form at any point, the worst modifier is applied.

First Form - This form is the first suppression form, the lowest of them in power. In this state the user is around as tall as they are in their race's true form, possibly slightly shorter.

Second Form - This form is the second suppression form. In this state the user grows in height massively, appearing as a bigger version of the First Form, their horns also slant upwards, allowing them to use attacks that they cannot use in other forms. [x4]

Third Form - This form is the third suppression form, the last of them before the user goes back into their True Form by breaking off the extra Bio-Suit grown over them. In this state the user is of a similar height to in the Second form, however they have a greatly elongated head. This state also possess power and speed greater than the second form. [x8]

True Form - The true form, also known as fourth form or base form, is similar to first form in terms of size and bulk, but with smoother skin structure. Some versions of this form is completely white except from purple plates on the chest, head, shoulders, lower arms and lower legs. Other versions is significantly different, with mixed colors and bio-armor. [x11]

50% True Power Form - On this form there is very little change in Frieza's appearance as compared to his Final Form base power, except for very slightly increased muscle mass, but his power level rises to a staggering level. They can freely use this form. {Requires [SU1] Ki Suppression} [x12]

100% True Power Form - On this state, the power of the fourth form is pushed to its full extent. The Kold Demon's power rises dramatically to when transforming from his 50% power form to this transformation. After the power up, the muscle bulk greatly increases. Because of the amount of power the form uses, it takes plenty of tools on the user's body. {Requires [SU1] Bulking. 120k+} [x14/x11]

Fifth Form - This form is a higher form, the method of obtaining it is through fully mastering their own biology. In this state the user grows taller than they are in their true form, their head gains four spikes, their eyes turn pure red, they gain blades on their elbows, and they can grow a mask over their face. This state is more powerful than the True Form of the user by a fair amount. {200k+} [x25]

Ultimate Form - When they train for extended periods of time, overcoming their limitations, the Kold demon is able to reach an state that can fight against demi-gods! However the overwhelming power the form presents comes at a great cost, the form is very taxing on the user's stamina which causes their power to drop the longer they are in the form, and as such the state cannot be held for long periods of time unless getting used to the form. {400k+ for normal OR 450k+ for mastered} [x47/x40 OR x47]


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