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Any Planet

Starting Power-level: 1200

Bio-androids are insect-looking humanoids of variable colors. They always sport a long tail with a sharp needle on its tip and their bodies are usually filled with black spots. The color of their skin under their bio armor is usually white, but it can come in other colors.

Bio-androids are artificially created or enhanced organic lifeforms, in counterpoint to their robotic brethren. They are usually intended to improve upon an existing species or provide a chimeric appropriation of many desired traits, creating warriors conventionally more powerful than their naturally-born brethren.

Name Examples:
Cell, Cell Jr, Cell-X, Genome.

Unique Characteristics:
Bio-androids have different characteristics, depending on which races were used to its construction. A Bio-android can choose 3 of the following skills:
Human: 2 extra offensive techniques and 2 extra support techniques.
Saiyan: Zenkai
Heran: Thirst for Battle
Brenchian: Speeding Bullet
Kagami: Blood Bonded
Namekian: Regeneration
Kold demon: Durability
Demon: Makyo Powered

Absorption Using their tail, a Bio-android is capable of absorbing a living creature. When they absorb a creature, they are able to acquire permanently 20% of their total PL. An absorbed target dies.

Larval Form - After being born from an egg, the Bio-android assumes a quadrupedal insect form, that looks like a larva. When in this form, they start absorbing creatures in order to attain enough maturity to reach their first humanoid form. {For every 5k PL, this form gains a + [x1] multiplier, starting at x2 after the first creature. Max multiplier = [x4]}

Imperfect Form - After gathering enough life energy, the Bio-android breaks free from their Larval Form, transforming into their humanoid form. Although it still looks a lot like an insect, lacking proper facial features, it is already bipedal and capable of speech. {25k+} [x8]

Semi-Perfect Form - On their journey towards perfection, a Bio-android must absorb one living creature that belongs to one of the 3 races used to create the Bio-android. When they manage to do that, they acquire a more humanoid appearance, and a bulkier build. Their power increase considerably and they become one step closer to perfection. {Requires a character absorbtion OR 150k+ and a NPC absorbtion} [x14 or x13]

Mastered Semi-Perfect Form - By adjusting to their new form, the Bio-android can use its full potential. In order to do that, they need to master their ki. {Requires Ki Suppression [S1]} {180k+} [x18 perm].

Perfect Form - When they manage to absorb another living creature that is part of his DNA, they ascend further beyond their Semi-Perfect form, reaching the first stage of their perfection. On this form, the Bio-android tail retracts to its back and stays almost hidden. They also acquire an almost humanoid face, and an unimaginable power. {Requires a charcater absorbtion of a different race from the previous absorbtion OR 280k+ and a NPC absorbtion} [x29 or x28 perm]

Perfect Bulking - When their rage reach its peak, a Bio-android is capable of using their amazing metabolism to bulk their bodies to an impressive level. {Requires Bulking [S1]} {340k+} [x36/x23]

Super Perfect Form - Unlike the other transformations, when achieving their full potential, the Bio-android changes just a little on the outside. This form only increases his energy output to a degree where his "skin" becomes a lighter shade and his aura crackles with bio-electricity like that of a Super Saiyan 2. To achieve this form, the Bio-android needs one final absorbtion to complete his DNA code, or a natural evolution after a near-death experience. {Requires a character absorbtion of a differente race from the previous absorbtions OR a Saga Defeat OR 450k+ and a NPC absorbition} [x45 or x44]


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