Majin race

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Majin race

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Starting Planet: Earth and surrounding space

Starting Power Level- 2500

Majins are something of a curious case. As most of their race are pink in coloration though other color variations are commonplace if the majin travels from beyond Earth’s atmosphere for too long. Upon the top of all Majin's heads is what looks like an antenna from a pudgy insect. These antenna are used for magical attacks from the majin when their hands would be otherwise occupied. The majins usual clothing differs depending on where the majin has come from. Those from Earth tend to wear white pants and a black top of some type. Those from Saiyan or Kold Empire areas of the universe wear much more battle like armor despite the fact that they are naturally durable against damage.

Majins appeared on Earth suddenly and without warning some millennia ago. Many speculate that the Majin had always lived amongst the human population just hiding themselves 'til they felt safe to appear before everyone with the disciple of the great Mr. Satan being one of their own unafraid to show who they where. They are so commonplace nowadays that most do not bat an eye at them.

Most Majins are rather gentle in nature when compared to much more aggressive humans. Their strength is that of a normal saiyan citizen instead of the regular earth human. This has made the majins an invaluable addition to the World’s military as they have helped keep the planet safe from rogue elements of their neighbors for year. Most majins are now like most of their human allies. Curious about the greater universe and yet still childlike in their wonderment to it all. Their magic however is not to be trifled with and had throughout their history been used for enjoyment of others and themselves.

Unique Characteristics:
Regeneration - Due to their magical origins, majins are capable of fully regenerating their bodies. They start by being able to use it once per thread, but they gain additional uses of this skill for every 50k power that they gain. Additionally in order to regenerated extremities and other injuries those are as follows. Regrowing arms and legs are 2 per thread and you gain 2 for every 50k you have. Regrowing minor parts of the body are 3 times per thread increasing by 3 every 50k you have. Majins can regenerate from any injury as long as they have not been absorbed, or completely vaporized,

Magical Body - Majins have amazing defensive capabilities at the cost of their raw offensive power. This skill grants them a +2 bonus on their defensive PL, but at the cost of a -1 to their offensive PL.

Durability - +1 to Defensive PL

Absorption - In a RoD/Saga thread, a Majin can attempt to absorb a player character. If they succeed, they gain 20% of the absorbed power level, and can even transform if they meet other requirements.

Magic Skill - Once per thread, a Majin can use a magical attack that acts as a [M3] offensive technique that can transform their target in chocolate, allowing them to eat them, which gives them the benefits of absorbing, but without the PL gain.

Base: Base is the starting form of a majin, this transformation is permanent and is increased in power over time. [x1/x4] / {40k+} [x4/x7] / {80k+} [x7/x10]

Evil/Good Majin - All majin are byproducts of their originator. So they all have good and evil within themselves. Depending on who wins will change their character. As this transformation requires the majin to absorb the other half of themselves. {150k+} [x14/x17]

Evil/Good Evolution - The Majin further mutates to represent the side that had won the battle within. If the good side wins the majin appears closer toward a kai in appearance and the pink begins to morph towards a more fleshy color. If the evil side wins the pink coloration of the majin begins to grey. {200k+} [x19/x22]

Evil/Good Mastery - The majin has mastered the Good/Evil within themselves fully banishing the other half into the deepest recesses of their body never to see the light of day ever again. Good Majin’s skin now appears to be flesh in consistency but has become more closer to their birth color once more. Evil Majin’s skin darkens and becomes to nearly be ashen in color. {Requires Ki Suppression [S1]} {250k+} [x24/x27]

Super Majin - Needing another absorption this time of someone else be it willingly or unwillingly the Majin will need to absorb someone else. They gain features of the person they have absorbed. Be it their style of clothing or other feature. This form is something to be feared as rumors are something similar to this style of Majin at one time scoured the galaxy of life. {Requires a player character absorption OR 300k+ and a NPC absorption} [x29/x32 OR x28/x31]

Superb Majin - The majin once more goes into a transformation. This time however it is that the person that they have absorbed is slowly becoming more and more integrated with themslf. The majin takes on characteristics now of the person absorbed and they seem to be able to access more that the person absorbed knew. {Requires a player character absorption OR 350k+ and a NPC absorption} [x34/x37 or x33/x36]

Nearly Perfect Majin - The absorption that the majin has done is now complete. The person within is incapable of ever escaping and their personality is now merged with the majins own. All the knowledge that the person had is now that of the majin. Be it fighting techniques or more mundane things. {400k+} [x38/x42]

Perfect Majin - Requires a third absorption. This absorption however is nearly instantaneous on how the person slips into the majins subconsiousness. The majins personality overwhelming the persons and the majin takes on only the characteristics that the majin selects of the person. They learn everything the person had instantly. {Requires a player character absorption OR 450k+ and a NPC absorption} [x44/x47 or x43/x46]


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