Human race

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Human race

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Starting Planet: Planet Earth & Surrounding Space

Starting Power: 600

There are two distinct groups that would fit within this. There are the Zoanthrope Humans and then the Normal Humans. The Zoanthrope Humans are very animal looking and yet they are just like normal humans. They come in all shapes and sizes just like all other humans. All of them have two arms and legs and are bipedal walking. Just as the zoanthropes the regular normal humans zome in all shapes and sizes.

Humanity as a whole is a rather weak race in physical combat with few exceptions being those that dedicate their life

When compared to other races of Dragon Ball, average humans are significantly weaker. It is said that a single Saiyan infant would be capable of destroying the average human population on its own. They are extremely diverse, and you can either encounter the most generous being, as well as the meaner.

Unique Characteristics:
Quick Learners: Due to them being weaker than most the rest across the galaxy humanity has made up for it by being more cunning and flexible. They start with 2 additional offensive techniques and 2 additional support techniques.

Materialistic: Their nature also brings up the fact that they love material objects and start off with more Zeni when created.  [1000 Zeni at start instead of 500]. They will also receive 100z for every thread that has over 2,000 words.

Path of Power:
Last Resort - This is a last ditch effort for the human using it. This is a final gasp of power designed to purchase the human another chance at life. Usually if this is used the human will be headed to the hospital due to the intense strain this ability takes on their body. However as the human gains strength they can learn to tap into this power more and more and make it harm them less and less until it can be activated at will. However, when they reach a high power, this ability can be freely used [x3]

Inner Power - Usually reserved for monks and other leaders who have spent decades training their bodies, but others have found enlightenment in other forms while fighting. Being able to see the flow of battle about themselves and seemingly flow about the battlefield as if dancing a ballet is how some people describe those that have reached this level of power. [Requires [SU1] Ki Suppression. 70k+} [x10]

Spiritual Power - This state is believed to be unlock-able because of the genetic changes brought about Earth opening up to the universe at whole. This is something like the super saiyan state where the human when this is unlocked gains a massive burst of power causing light to warp around themselves. This gives the illusion of several other people all surrounding the single human. [Requires [SU1] Ki Sense. 170k+} [x20]

True Bulking - On the ancient times, humans started to develop their ki in order to use it to reach the pinnacle of their power. This power had a drawback on the speed and stamina of the user, and, therefore, was quite deadly. However, Mutenroshi, the original turtle hermit created a way to preserve the body, while, at the same time, increasing its strength far beyond their maximum strength. [Requires [SU1] Bulking. 340k+} [x35]

Demi-God - This is the state of the greatest of all mythos. The greatest heroes of Earthen lore where all achievers of this status of power. Capable of great feats of good and evil but how these people arise is so cloaked in mystery that one does not know how to attain it. This might is so great that nearly none can stand against them once they reach this power. Only those of the greatest power can but this power is hard to find out how to attain. {500k+} [x49]


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