Newbies Guide to DragonBall Universe

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Newbies Guide to DragonBall Universe

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:26 am

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Welcome to DragonBall Universe!

Welcome to our Beginner's Guide! We hope that this page helps you find everything you are looking for during your adventure here with us! Of course, you can always ask questions in the Shoutbox below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

If your questions aren't answered here or in the shoutbox, please feel free to create a thread under discussions and let us know you need help!

Welcome to DragonBall Universe!

General Information:

Code of Conduct
Read the general rules of DragonBall Universe here. Rules and Information

Member FAQ's
A basic FAQ that answers some questions you might have about stats, canon characters, and becoming part of the staff.

Democratic Website

Too many times have 'site owners' and administration taken things above the memberships head. We want to prevent that by involving the membership in every major decision the site faces.

Grading and Expectations

Just a quick guide on how we will be grading your threads, and a few expectations from us!

Ranked Positions

Ever want to be like Master Roshi and be the teacher of the Turtle Martial Arts School? Or maybe you're on Vegeta and would like to start a school on your own? Find a quick list of who's who here, and how to go about accomplishing that dream!

Technique Rules

Find out how to learn and use the techniques your character will discover here!

Combat Overview

Have a look at the different types of combat and how they will play out!

Character Information:
Character Races

Here you'll find a list of all the different character races currently available, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of each!

Character Application

A helpful guideline to your character creation template. You are by no means limited to this set-up, however, feel free to be creative in how you present your character’s information!

Character History

Once you have created your character, please post up a starter thread here so that we can assign you your starting power level. This way, you can go out and have some real fun!

Character Profiles

You don't have to have a profile set up, but some members like to keep track of every thread they've been in, where they gained their power level or zeni, etc, etc. You can create a page here that is all about your character! Copy your application and techniques, add your friends and allies, anything you want can go into your profile!

Site Role-Play Information:

Threads to be graded

Once you are finished with a thread, please post it up here and follow the rules stated in the first post!

Capsule Corporation

What better name for an item shop? Here you can view everything that you can purchase in the DragonBall Universe. Simply create a thread all your own, and update it with any new purchases you might have!

Faction Profiles - wip

NO one is ever on the same page, especially when you have so many different racesa scattered about the galaxy. When a faction is created, it will be added to the Faction Profiles list!

Out of Character:


Here you can hold all sorts of OOC discussions, whether they pertain to the site of not! Just make sure you don't spam! You can talk about people's favorite music, or even create your own little art shop if you wish!

Announcements & Suggestions

Any time the staff have any announcements for the community they will appear here. Also, if you have any suggestions, or if the staff is putting up a suggestion for site changes, it will be posted here!

If you have a website of your own, or are part of another RP website you would like to advertise, please post it here! However, please be sure to follow our advertising rules! Oh, and advertising back to us is always appreciated!


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