Saga 1: The blood Bowl Saga

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Saga 1: The blood Bowl Saga

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:20 am

Generations ago... An evil force by the name of Cell attempted to destroy the world and expand his terror in universe to show his dominance until....

Cell was defeated...

Generations have passed after the Z-Fighters and all of earth have seen such scary threat! However, that has long since passed and something recently just escaped the labs to bring forth terror... A NEW VILLAIN TO CAUSE HAVOC ACROSS THE EARTH AND POSSIBLY THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! This individual... is something all should fear...

"Oh please, do I need to scare the crowd! There's no need for this!" the voice in the background says with a chuckle. He would clear his throat, "Now, now... Let's all settle down. My ancestor failed his task on destroying this pitiful planet but I'll be sure to do this time.. I can promise you that..." he says laughing out loud before his face appears in his beautiful Perfect form.


"Oh, were you expecting someone weak? Sorry, but I'm taking you all on in my arena! EARTH!"

Coming soon, this week!

"I'm excited to say... We'll be having... A BLAST!"


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