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Combat Rules

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One of the main parts of a Dragon Ball related RPG board is, of course, combat! This magestic anime is well-know for its intense fights, with tons of power struggles and ki blasts, and we don't want to be any different from it. Combat plays a major hole here, in Dragon Ball Universe, and that's why we put a lot of effort into developing a nice system, in order to be able to give the players the same feeling from their favorite anime and manga.

However, since this is a board where we want you to feel unique and able to play a major role, as long as you try hard enough, there was a need to balance things, in order to make combat more even. This will allow for new members to keep up with older members, as well as to be able to fight on equal grounds, or at least have a chance of winning against a stronger opponent. We won't be using a HP meter or anything of sorts, so we will rely on fairness of the players, and judgement from the staff as a last resort, to keep everything coeherent and nice. Therefore, we require our players to pay attention to this topics:

Power Level Gap

90% Power Level

At this point, the fighters are on equal grounds, meaning that, although one of them is a little stronger, both have pretty much the same chance of winning the fight. The stronger fighter will, obviously, have an advantage, but he will need to do his very best in order to guarantee victory.

70% Power Level

Now things start to get rough! At this point, it's obvious who is the stronger fighter, and he won't have to do his very best in order to achieve victory. The result lies much more on the hands of the weaker fighter, who will have to resort to a good strategy in order to win. It is still possible for the weaker fighter to win this fight by himself, but he won't be able to do it if he rely on his power alone.

Below 50% Power Level

Okay! Now the fight is completely one-sided and the stronger fighter can end this battle at any time. It's impossible to the weaker fighter to win by himself. He will have to resort to amazing strategy and cunning in order to survive alone. However, with a decent team of fighters, victory may still be achievable. This is the time to cherrish some good team-work!


In a fight, it is not just skill and strength that matters, but also how much effort a fighter can make. With that in mind, we decided to adopt a Stamina system to determine how much a character can do before he needs to catch a breath. The system is quite simple: every character has 3 points of Stamina, which have to be shown by the end of the post as a way to keep track of it. Using techniques consume stamina points, and, when fully depleted, the character won't be able to use any other technique, until he can recover the necessary amount. Therefore, we have the following rule:

B1 Techniques: Consume 1 point of Stamina

A2 and V1 Techniques: Consume 2 points of Stamina

M3 and V2 Techniques: Consume 3 points of Stamina

Special Techniques: Consume 3 points of Stamina

As a general rule, passive support techniques do not consume stamina points, however, some support techniques, such as Bulking and Afterimage will consume points of stamina, corresponding to their level. For example: Goku fires a Ultimate Kamehameha [M3] with 18,000 PL against Vegeta, who uses Afterimage [S2] for 36,000 PL. Goku will consume all of his 3 points of Stamina as he fires his attack, while Vegeta, at the cost of only 2 Stamina point, will fully dodge Goku's attack. Goku will need to catch his breath before using another technique, while Vegeta will still have 1 point of stamina at his disposal.

**Important Information Regarding Dodging: Although an Afterimage [S1] technique can dodge up to 100% of the user's PL, it will NOT be able to dodge a [M3] technique of an opponent that is within the 80% power gap. Keep that in mind.**

To recover Stamina, the character needs to spend a whole turn without using any other technique. It is important to point out that melee attacks also don't consume Stamina, and are a good way to keep on fighting while recovering from releasing a powerful attack.

But Stamina will not be the same forever! There are 2 ways of improving Stamina. Every character achieves the following will be granted an additional point of Stamina:

Achieving 250,000 PL: + 1 point of Stamina

Mastering a Fighting Style: + 1 point of Stamina

Therefore, when achieving both of those accomplishments, the character's Stamina pool will be that of 5, making him much more deadly, as he can withstand the worn of combat for far longer, being that one of the keys for victory.

Actions per Turn

No matter how fast your character is, in order to keep the proper flow of a thread, every character will be restricted to 1 action per turn of combat, meaning that you can fire one energy blast, or deliever a melee blow/combo, or user a barrier/afterimage technique. This rule doesn't exist to restrict your roleplay, but to avoid abuses during a fight. To put it simple: you can only use 1 technique that requires Stamina per round.

You are allowed, however, to post an alternative reaction in your post, whenever it is necessary, for example: "Goku tries to throw a hook to Vegeta's chin. Should the attack hit, he will immediately vanish and reappear behind him, to deliver a sledgehammer to his head, aiming to send him plummeting towards the ground".

The sole exception to this rule is when the opponent is below 50% of the character's power level. When such a situation happens, the stronger character will be allowed 2 actions per turn that uses stamina, such as using Rapid Movement to reappear behind an opponent and firing an Energy Blast on the same turn, as the difference in speed between the two fighters is too big.

Combining Attacks

It's entirely possible to combine attacks with friends in order to create a larger, more powerful blast. For example: Goku fires a Kamehameha with 10,000 PL, followed by Gohan's Masenko with 5,000 PL, and Piccolo's Eye Laser with another 5,000 PL. In such situation, the total PL of the attack will be 10,000 + 5,000 + 5,000 = PL 20,000. Quite simple, isn't it?

And this leads us directly towards...

Beams Struggles

This is an intrinsic part of Dragon Ball, and couldn't be missed here on Dragon Ball Universe. As with the other rules, our goal is to keep things simple. Whenever two techniques clash, the stronger one will, as a general rule, prevail. However, if, during a beam struggle, a character still has avaliable points of Stamina, he will be able to use them to add an additional charge, equivalent to the level of the technique, in order to try to turn the tables. For example: Goku and Vegeta are in a Beam Struggle, where Goku's Kamehameha was fired at 12,000 PL, and Vegeta's Gallick Gun was fired at 18,000 PL. Considering that Goku used only 2 points of Stamina to fire his attack, while Vegeta used all his 3 points, Goku will be able to use his remaining stamina point to add an additional charge to his attack, raising it's power to 24,000 PL. This way, Goku's Kamehameha will overcome Vegeta's Gallick Gun, and he will win the beam struggle.


Transforming is a passive action and, therefore, takes place immediately as it's narrated by the player. Unless stated otherwise, transforming does not require use of Stamina, nor will recover any of it upon transforming. The sole exception to this rule is the first time a user transforms into a new form, which will completely renew his stamina pool.

Damage and Death

As it was already mentioned, we don't have a HP system. Therefore, we really need our users to play fair and square in order for everyone to be able to have fun. With that in mind, he are just pointing out things that will need to be paid attention to as the game flows. First and foremost, if both fighters are on equal grounds, their attack will hurt each other, period. Doesn't matter if it's a punch, or an energy wave, it will deal some amount of damage. Obviously a single punch or a single powerful energy attack will not be enough to defeat a challenging foe, but will most definitely pave the way to victory.

When, the gap in power increases, the attacks are far more dangerous, and can decide the outcome of the battle easier and faster, but, still, when dealing with a 65% power gap, it will be quite unlikely that a single attack will be able to completely end the fight, but the weaker opponent will be hurt more easily than the stronger one.

However, when we reach the 50% power gap, the difference in power is so great, that melee alone can define the outcome of battle. Under this assumption, a technique will most likely seal the fate of battle.

But, how much is necessary to actually kill someone? Well... That's a tricky question and we will need to rely on your good judgement. Be fair! Recognize the situation your character is in, and accept the fair outcome of it. If necessary, staff may intervene and seal someone's fate, but this is supposed to be a last resort, okay?!

Some characters, like Bio-Androids and Majins are capable of regenerating, as long as some part of it remains. Therefore, the way to completely kill them is by vaporizing. To vaporize someone completely, a character needs to deal, in a single attack, three times the target's PL, with an attack that could actually erase him from existance (physical attacks won't be able to do it, it will need to be energy based). If that happens, then he will be completely vaporized, without a single cell remaining.


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